The Philippines Is Destroying the City of Marawi to Save It From ISIS

MARAWI, Philippines—After pulling out of the battle zone, the convoy of armored vehicles lumbered past smashed-up shop fronts and shot-up facades on its way through town.

While the powerful engines roared, the soldiers inside the sturdy machines sat silently, their faces sullen. Wooden planks had been attached to the flanks of the vehicles to add protection against high-caliber rounds, and bullets had cracked the windows of the driver’s compartments, a testament to the tooth-and-nail combat they had left behind.

  • BillyHW

    The only solution is the Central African Republic solution.

    • Watchman

      What, let them all into the Europe and the USA as bona fide ‘refugees’? /sarc

    • favill

      Instead of making fun of those poor fµckers…Canada should be helping them ERADICATE the Muslims….perhaps we’ll learn a thing or two we can use here.