Leftist leaders’ hypocritical policies endanger their own people

From Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s arms deals to the Dyke March to unfettered migration in Europe, leftist politicians continually harm women and the LGBT community.

“…Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau, a man who prides himself on unmistakeable support for Canada’s LGBT community, has most recently aligned himself with one of the world’s single greatest threats to the community: Saudi Arabia. The prime minister enacted a $15 billion arms trade with the Western Asian sovereign state.

The arms deal between the Canadian government and the blatant human rights abuser that is Saudi Arabia will not involve sending shipments of instructions on how to treat men and women with equal respect under the law. Instead, it shall provide armored fighting vehicles to a nation that has used said vehicles directly against civilians.

By signing this deal, Trudeau, a man who basks in every opportunity to wear rainbow socks and reap political gain by flaunting his pro-LGBT views, effectively empowered a country whose laws actively punish acts of homosexuality and cross dressing with execution, imprisonment, chemical castration, fines, and flogging.

Perhaps he’s latched onto a piece of the playbook from the leaders of Sweden, Germany, and Britain.

These countries have endlessly claimed to protect at risk groups such as the LGBT community while importing millions of migrants who are hell bent on following and establishing Sharia Law, an ideology whose main premise revolves around the subjugation of women and the “illegality of homosexuality.”