Muslim terrorist Abdulrahman El Bahnasawy from Canada arrested in NYC Bomb plot

U.S. law enforcement officials say a 19-year-old Mississauga man has pleaded guilty to being part of a plot to bomb a busy location in New York City last year, and went as far as buying the ingredients to build the explosives.

The Mississauga man, along with two other men, sought to blow up Times Square, a subway station in the city or a concert venue in May 2016, police say.

The Canadian suspect, identified as Abdulrahman El Bahnasawy, was arrested in Crawford, New Jersey on May 21, 2016 and has since pleaded guilty to terror offences.

From the DOJ Charge sheet

In the spring of 2016, EL BAHNASAWY and HAROON were plotting to carry out terrorist attacks in New York City in support of ISIS during the Islamic holy month of Ramadhan (which ran from approximately June 5 to July 5 in 2016). In the course of their preparations, EL BAHNASAWY and HAROON communicated, via electronic messaging applications accessible on cellphones, with a certain individual posing as an ISIS supporter who was, unbeknownst to them, the UC.

EL BAHNASAWY and HAROON declared their allegiance to ISIS in electronic communications with the UC, and expressed their intention of carrying out Paris- and Brussels-like terrorist attacks on behalf of ISIS in New York City. EL BAHNASAWY explained to the UC that he was in contact with an ISIS affiliate about obtaining official sanction of the planned attacks by the Khorasan Province, a branch of ISIS active in Pakistan. HAROON, who was based in Pakistan and was introduced to the UC by EL BAHNASAWY, informed the UC that he was in contact with ISIS associates within the Khorasan Province, and that “khurasan dawla [ISIS] has o[u]r back.” EL BAHNASAWY stated to the UC that “[t]hese Americans need an attack,” that he aspired to “create the next 9/11,” and that he planned to “com[e] to new York at around may 22” from Canada. HAROON stated that he intended to fly from Pakistan to New York City to carry out the NYC Attacks with EL BAHNASAWY, and hoped to “cause great destruction to the filthy kuffars[4] by our hands.”[5]

  • Bla Bla

    All they know is destruction and death – maybe the yanks will save us the paper work and just hang him.

    • DavidinNorthBurnaby

      We’ll be lucky if Shithead II doesn’t demand his immediate extradition and cut him a cheque with tearful apology.

      • That will be the likely outcome.

      • Bernie

        I believe Trudeau will rescue him from the evil Infidel Clutches and reward him with a 10.5 Million gift.

    • k1962

      I’m glad he’s 19, thus an adult! I hope he spends the rest of his life in a U.S. prison.

      • Alain

        That won’t stop the claims here about him being a “child”.

      • TruthSerum

        Authorities better verify his age – we all know how they like to lie about being a “child”.

        • k1962

          True. Hopefully he was at least 18 when he plotted to kill kuffars.

      • Bla Bla


    • shasta

      Not likely – it appears he sang like a bird when he was nabbed. He is probably hoping for a big Trudeau payoff when the Americans let him out.

  • Tooth&Claw

    Justin may consider these people Canadian. I don’t. I consider them invaders with forged citizenship documents.
    They have no loyalty to Canada, their loyalty is to Islam and the umma.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    Mass deportations, close down all the mosques, halt muzzie immigration.

  • SDMatt

    U.S. law enforcement officials say a 19-year-old Mississauga man has pleaded guilty to being part of a plot to bomb a busy location in New York City last year

    Mississauga mayoral vote whore Bonnie Crombie’s kinda people!×412.jpg

    • And Justin’s!

      • SDMatt

        Crombie’s husband, by the way, has had some allegations made against him

        The former executive director of the Mississauga Arts Council (MAC) has filed a $250,000 lawsuit against the organization, claiming its president — the husband of Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie — created a “poisoned work environment” that included “humiliation” and “harassment” and forced her to quit.

    • Canadian Born

      What is with these women? Canadian white women with friggen half bags on their heads. The women that do this and that includes the he/she that runs Ontario and the other idiot out west, are an embarrassment to Canadian women. Their power should be stripped immediately, and that includes our idiot PM who has pledged allegiance to Allah. What the hell is the matter with this country?

    • DavidinNorthBurnaby

      “vote whore”
      In other words a standard Canadian politician.

  • ismiselemeas

    Canada is starting to get a bit of a bad name for itself as an exporter of terrorists.

    • DavidinNorthBurnaby

      And I don’t consider foul smelling restaurants I avoid like the plague to be a worthwhile trade-off, thanks all the same.

    • k1962

      We let them in and that’s what happens. We should emulate Japan, not Germany.

    • Alain

      Yes, that is fast becoming our top export.

  • Solo712

    Canadian, eh? EL BAHNASAWY sounds positively Swedish.