Lawrence Solomon: Why the ‘e’ in e-car actually stands for evil

Electric cars, the vehicles of choice for the virtue signallers among us, epitomize the confusions and the divisions in society. These vehicles aren’t environmental exemplars, as their touters claim. And they of course aren’t economic. They excel in one area above all: in exploiting rural regions and their inhabitants, mostly for the benefit of affluent urbanites.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Assuming you can power them with hydroelectric electricity not nuclear or fossil fuels since greens would hate that even more and would work to stop it. And in a related front, greens have become uncomfortable with projects that entail vast direct solar to electric farms because they ‘harm’ the fragile desert ecosystem. Next up, greens demand wind farms everywhere while forgetting that wind is geographic just like rivers. So you have to put them where the best wind is, by the thousands. At an enormous sunk capital cost.

    • And none of it works. We will be back to nuclear in a matter of decades.

      • Jaedo Drax

        It works perfectly fine for the rent seekers and the politicians…

      • Watchman

        Yes, but can anyone harness those millisecond peak pulses and seconds-long intense thermal energy? Is North Korea set up to be able to collect and redistribute this energy to its citizens even though it has been delivered direct to North Korea’s rulers?

  • mauser 98
  • Watchman
  • simus1

    Without a failsafe storage superbattery available at an economical price, which is the missing link in all this rent seeking hokum, the gullible feel good virtue signallers are the only other group getting a benefit from the massive waste of money involved. Pity the politicians and “experts” were/ are such greedy spineless dishonest bastards.