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IT’S OFFICIAL: California is now a Sanctuary State

California will beef up protections for undocumented immigrants beginning in January under a controversial new law Gov. Jerry Brown signed Thursday to create a statewide sanctuary policy.

Brown signed the bill and 10 other immigration-related bills on the same day as a critical deadline for immigrants aided by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, who must file by Thursday for a final two-year extension before the program is phased out.

Donald Trump is a ‘textbook racist’, claims Duke University professor

The President’s “insensitive, disrespectful and mean-spirited statements and actions” are consistent with a number of categories of racism including “insidious” and “symbolic” racism, according to Jay Pearson, an assistant professor at Duke’s Sanford School of Public Policy.

Mr Trump has in the past called racism an “evil” and white supremacists “repugnant”.

‘Yet another carbon tax’: Canada’s ‘single biggest carbon-fighting policy’ you’ve probably never heard of

Canada’s environment commissioner Julie Gelfand delivered a stern warning to the federal government this week, declaring that to deal with climate change Ottawa needs to move “from a seemingly endless planning mode into an action mode.”

That will mean more than just putting a price on carbon — to date the only element in the Liberals’ pan-Canadian climate change framework that’s received much attention. The government’s plan also includes a suite of lesser-known policies, including a proposed clean fuel standard that some say amounts to a second carbon tax.

Antifa Site: Actions Like Las Vegas Shooting ‘Will Only Escalate’ Due To ‘White Supremacy’

The post reads, “Real talk all this he was a terrorist we need to call it terrorism talk is missing the point. Terrorism isn’t our word, terrorism is the state’s word and always has been. It is a word that the state used to smear political movements and to justify any measure taken to crush them. It’s a word they use to justify killing thousands of people via remote control war games from the sky. It’s the way they justify criminalizing whole religions and areas.”

“Even Charlottesville wasn’t terrorism, it was something much older and much more American. It was white supremacy as well as violent misogyny,” the post argues.

Feds to announce payout of $800M to Indigenous victims of ’60s Scoop

The federal government has agreed to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to survivors of the ’60s Scoop for the harm suffered by Indigenous children who were robbed of their cultural identities by being placed with non-native families, The Canadian Press has learned.

The national settlement with an estimated 20,000 victims, to be announced Friday by Crown-Indigenous Relations Minister Carolyn Bennett, is aimed at resolving numerous related lawsuits, most notable among them a successful class action in Ontario.

Confidential details of the agreement include a payout of between $25,000 and $50,000 for each claimant, to a maximum of $750 million, sources said.

  • Ego

    Antifa Site: Actions Like Las Vegas Shooting ‘Will Only Escalate’ Due To ‘White Supremacy’

    Escalate where? Even beyond this mass slaughter? Maybe to genocide?
    These people need to be taken seriously. And perhaps their slogan in the picture is right, only it is them who are the fascists.

    As regards “white supremacy”:
    If you look at literature, history, art, science, etc., the overwhelming bulk of what matters in our lives has been, and is being, produced by the West’s “white” culture. This does not in any way deprecate other cultures’ achievements, and is to a great extent due to historical reasons. But while any group/nation/people is free to try to surpass or equal it, trying to criminalize it based on color is criminal. “White supremacy” is just as empty a concept as “Islamophobia.”

    • Watchman

      I see any ‘escalation’ will be from people who see the effectiveness of the Mandalay Bay massacre, and conclude they could do as well or even better in the death toll. I don’t see it have anything to do with any supposed ‘white supremacy’ though, and the statistics seem to bear this out. A massacre of people attending a County Music concert is unlikely to be targeting non-whites as an expression of the murderer’s anti-white ideology.

      I have concerns that muslim terrorist organisations like ISIS look at the effectiveness of this massage and may decide to run their own version, but do it with more murderers. Again, I can’t see the involvement of any ‘white supremacy’ unless you are trying to call the Crusades into the Holy Land as an example of ‘white supremacy’ and thus reasonable justification for any massacres.

      • k1992

        Maybe they (the jihadis) are in general too stupid to pull off something like Las Vegas:

        • Watchman

          The Beslan school massacre, the Moscow theater hostage crisis, the Bataclan theatre massacre and the 9/11 planes hijacking would say otherwise.

          • k1992

            Point taken, but given their apparent numbers and resources, they don’t seem to make the best of things that they could (speaking from their perspective, of course). For every 9/11 how many underwear bombers are there, or the guy in New York who set the timer on his bomb off by 12 hours, or otherwise would have murdered dozens?

          • Watchman

            That’s a reason why millionaire (300 times over) Osama bin Laden is now dead. Organisation, reputation, and wealth.

            Also, “You have to be lucky all the time. We only have to be lucky once.”
            1.6 billion possible perpetrators, and growing.

    • Bla Bla

      The escalation they want is millions of free thinking people dead. Just like in the good ole 20th century – these people need to be rounded up and ejected from the country – but to do that, the globalists need to be arrested and imprisoned first and all of their wealth they use to fund this crap confiscated. Fuckem.

  • Blacksmith

    “The President’s “insensitive, disrespectful and mean-spirited statements
    and actions” are consistent with a number of categories of racism
    including “insidious” and “symbolic” racism, according to Jay Pearson”
    You mean like the racism displayed by yourself professor. These assholes are really making it hard for white people to accept other races with all of them constantly poking us.

    • Watchman

      Must be those ‘microaggressions’ that only the complainer can see or detect and yet everyone else must take his word about their presence because they can’t quote specific evidence that proves ‘racism’. As always, the charge of racism is meant to disable an opponent who isn’t actually racist, but fears being perceived as one. If you said to a real racist that they are a racist, then they would likely readily admit that they are. After all, why would they not agree if you speak the truth of their deeply held beliefs?

      • shasta

        The charge of racism obfuscates the difference between a bigot and a racist, and hides the very real differences between races.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      No people are more pathologically obsessed with race than the Left.

    • shasta

      “Racist” – Some one who believes in objective reality.

  • mauser 98
  • mauser 98
  • ontario john

    I demand an apology and compensation from little Justin for the hardship my ancestors went through, when they were uprooted from their family and culture in England, and brought here in the 1800’s.

    • Exile1981

      My family were acadian french. Where’s my appology from the potatoe?

  • Oracle9

    Two solutions to the government’s carbon tax grab:

    1) Switch back from trucks to trains for (slower) non-just-in-time industry, the way we used to do it. Not a bad idea, despite everyone’s greater impatience these days. A slower pace of life might do some of us some good.

    2) Scrounging wood out of the back 40 for burning will be difficult for our government to micromanage. Dickensonian London smog notwithstanding.

  • ontario john

    Its “Canadians Are Racist Bastards ” day at the Toronto Star. Oh wait, that’s every day at the Star. Anyway, one of their bag over the head writers is upset about a totem pole at a York Region school. The totem pole was take down after being there for 40 years. This comes after a complaint by one person. The writer continues the standard rant about colonizers and evil Christians. And Bernie Farber rants in an opinion piece on how wonderful Motion 103 is. Because as he reminds us, ISLAMOPHOBIA IS RUNNING RAMPANT ACROSS CANADA!!

    • jayme

      What does it say about this nation that people (hundreds of thousands?) choose to read and swallow this filth every day? The future of Canada is islam, unfortunately. Actually, the present is already islam.

    • shasta

      “Racist Bastard” – Some one who believes in objective reality.