Why Late Night Hosts Like Jimmy Kimmel Are Suddenly So Political

Late night hosts like Jimmy Kimmel are substituting political diatribes for monologues. In totally unrelated news, their viewership is steadily declining.

Late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel’s recent habit of substituting political diatribes for his opening monologue—which, to be fair, is no great loss—is a sign that late-night talk show hosts have decided to get more political.

  • Dana Garcia

    It doesn’t seem a good business model to insult a large portion of the American people.

    • terrence22

      The NFL does not get it either

  • ontario john

    Here is an idea. Why don’t they go back to the old days of actually entertaining people. Its just a thought.

    • ntt1

      they can’t. In pursuit of ideological purity, quality and talent suffer or are thrown out all together. look at any of the arts now a picture of soiled underwear is considered a strong statement. john oliver is considered scathing social comment and the unexplainable Steven Colbert ids considered funny. as progressivism tightens its grip the deplorable s failure to appreciate progressive mandate humor will surely result in re-education camps

    • Justin St.Denis

      David Letterman killed that idea entirely.

  • ntt1

    heeeers johny with the great turd ferguson.

  • Because no one has told them to cram it with walnuts.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    None of them are funny. Just stupid.

  • ontario john

    Hollywood hasn’t figured out yet, that people don’t work hard all day to come home to be lectured by morally bankrupt entertainers.

  • Tooth&Claw

    F*ck ’em, F*ck ’em all. I am not interested in their opinions, I will not watch their shows, I will not contribute to their wealth and insular existence.

  • DMB