Simon Wiesenthal Center calls on TDSB to pull Islamic guide that cites anti-Semitic Nation of Islam

The Toronto District School Board’s controversial Islamic Heritage Month guidebook is facing criticism from yet another prominent advocacy organization, this time the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies (FSWC).

While the organization is urging the TDSB pull the whole guide pending a full review of all its contents, they’ve focused their complaint on one section in the guide that promotes the Nation of Islam.

It’s not the first the first time the TDSB has called on the Nation of Islam to supply student inspiration, in 2013 they quoted Minister Farrakhan… in an “Equitable Schools” Document. Now that’s gall.

  • David Murrell

    Good investigative research by the Simon Wiesenthal Center (Canada). More of this is needed. Btw, lots of hatred at the TDSB, eh?

  • CodexCoder

    It is interesting to me that the last quote speaks to the issue of M-103. Anyone that demands your silence is not your friend. Send that to the Liberal Party of Canada. Stuff their Islamophobia. If you can’t talk about a problem, you can’t solve a problem. If you can’t correctly identify a problem, you can’t solve a problem.

  • Waffle

    I have to admit that i am slightly more than confused by the recent announcements made by our “official” Jews (and that’s assuming that they have been quoted accurately, but then who knows?)
    Yesterday, with regard to the glaring omissions on the National Holocaust memorial, FOSW’s Avi Benlolo was quoted by the CJN as follows:

    “Avi Benlolo, CEO of the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies, said the first plaque’s wording was “an oversight.”

    “It’s being taken very seriously. I’m happy about that. Obviously, we are not happy the mistake was made originally, (but) I don’t think it’s malicious,” he said.”

    But today, he takes exception to a partial quote made by a notorious anti-semite and one that is doubtlessly taken out of context.

    My suggestions for Avi — how come you’re not grilling Rabbi Friedman, the head of the committee for the memorial for allowing this to pass? How much time did you waste hunting down Farrakhan’s out-of-context quote when you pissed away 5 years of doing bubkes when you could have been doing something substantive about preparing material for tender young minds about the incredible role played by pioneering Jewish settlers in Ontario since the late 1700’s?