Screening system failed in case of alleged Edmonton attacker Abdulahi Sharif

Abdulahi Hasan Sharif should have been deported in 2015.

Or, even better, his refugee application should have been rejected in 2012.

He should have never been allowed into Canada, and when we had the chance, he should’ve been sent packing.

Instead, he was welcomed into Canada and now is accused of committing heinous acts of violence over the weekend in Edmonton.


And now we’ve failed Abdulahi again, our Islamophobia caused him to go full Islam.

  • Liberal Progressive

    Lies. There is none to fail.

    • Observer

      Nope. No real screening at all, unless it is screening to insure we get the worst of the worst.

      • occupant 9

        … and park them en masse in communities that don’t vote Liberal in order to change that.

  • The Buddhist Butterfly

    We have a screening system?

    • John Boy

      IRB: Do you believe in beheading apostates, polytheists and Jews?
      Claimant 1: Yes.
      IRB: You’re accepted!

      IRB: Do you believe in beheading apostates, polytheists and Jews?
      Claimant 2: No. That’s against the teachings of Jesus.
      IRB: You’re going to detention and will be on the next flight back to where you came from.

    • Clink9

      More like a screen door on a submarine.

  • Sid Falco

    He still won’t be deported.

    • Nope, he’ll likley be our next immigration minister.

    • Gary

      We’re stuck with every rabid savage because the SCOC and Refugee groups caused a condition where they can’t be deported to the Point of exit to enter canada IF they face harm there.
      THAT’S why the somali terrorist and murderers came to canada in the 1990’s and tore up their ID on the flight here and Deplaned at Pearson Airport to make a ” refugee ” claim.
      The Dixon rd and Kipling rd ‘ Little Somalia ‘ has a strip called Welfare Alley where they dominate the populations in the Apartment Tower and enforce sharia while the majority of them are STILL on Welfare with no plans to be self-reliant.
      They dictated to the Police which of the genders for Officers can answer their 9-1-1 call while the Socials Services workers were also under those condition .

      I’m really getting sick of the Pre-Election period where Liberals and the NDP go to the refugee Community Centre’s or Immigrant’s Centre’s and then praise them for ” Building Canada ” and having the Highest Education per capita and lowest crime rates and highest employment rates.
      Even though the first Mosque in canada wasn’t until 1938…. Muslims built Canada’s railway and the Catholic Hospitals and schools plus stormed the beaches of Normandy in 1944 and fought in Korea from 1951-52.
      Latino’s built the QEW and Trans Canada Highway, Jamaican’s build the St.Lawrence seaway Lock-system while Mexican’s founded Toronto and built the CN tower.
      Get used to it and get used to Toronto becoming like London (UK) where the Mayor will tell us that Terrorism by islamofascists is the price for living in a big city among muslim .

      The insane refugee policy goes back to 1984 from the Singh Ruling where a LIBERAL JUDGE declared Tourists as a Minority group in canada that has Charter Right protections for full access to all the Social services as Citizens because Pierre Trudeau described Citizens and Landed Immigrants as PERSONS .
      Singh was visiting canada and didn’t want to leave , but he had no income to fight removal and didn’t qualify for Legal Aid. So he got a LAWYER ( pro-Bono) to fight for Welfare, Health Care, Housing , Education and and a Job on the basis that the Charter applied to PERSONS which was anyone that stepped on Canadian soil and not just those Legally in Canada.

      No politicians have had the GUTS to use the NOT With STANDING clause that Trudeau built into the Constitution. The Refugee Industrial Complex tied to the public Unions is now what drives our Elections because Toronto holds the biggest % of Electoral Seat for MPP’s and MP’s .
      This is how Toronto became a Majority non-white City in 2015 according to Census Canada and is now a Majority non-Canadian background City. The national Visible-Minority population is around 12% from the 1960’s 3% , which isn’t a problem for me IF they are here to be Canadians. But Toronto is the biggest City in Canada
      ( Montreal for size) for its Population and attracts the new comers and illegals .
      In about 15 years we will see Toronto go into a perpetual state of conflict just like the hell-hole City these minorities fled because it’s part of their Culture as we see for the self-segregated ” Diversity ” in Toronto .
      Toronto offers Services in over 100 languages to the over 60 Nationalities and many Faiths from dozens of “Little” Communities where they live among their own Kind to show Tolerance and Diversity .

      All of those Tourists making “refugee” claims for all the FREE stuff have cost the Tax payers close to $500,000,000.00 a year while the REAL refugees are s only about $200 million .
      The Liberals wanted to hide these numbers… so Chretien downloaded the Tourist costs for “refugees” to the local communities where the “refugees” parachute into while McGuinty then Downloaded Welfare Housing to Toronto Community Housing .
      The debt for Toronto is now heading to $6 billion while it’s the Property-Tax bills that fund these Tourists at about $ 300,000,000.00 a year just for Toronto on to of the illegal entitled to welfare and Heath care ( from Wynne) .
      Poverty groups like OCAP are tied to CUPE which runs the Welfare system and creates more CUPE employees as the welfare cases go up.
      But those with Rental property have to keep raising the Rents to pay the higher Property Taxes as more “refugees” pour in while the TCHC need about $5 billion in new money for upkeep .

      Taxes go up , rent goes up, welfare rate must go up so taxes must go up and thus Rents go up……and so and so on until Toronto implodes and becomes like Detroit .

      • occupant 9

        … and Gary to expect Muhammadans to *want* to get off welfare is to expect them to deny their Sharia “due”. Welfare is nothing but a jizya payment from the kafir who should rightly pay them anyhow … in a “proper” world ruled by their Allah.

        • A Hamilton Guy

          If it wasn’t for the fallout; I’d say nuc TO. It might blow my way and slimie dust is ickie.

  • mauser 98
    • He is such a whore.

    • Gary

      ‘ End White Supremacy ‘ . This from an islamic supremacists that LIED to get her Citizenship and has vacationed in Iran where homosexuals are hanged in public and men can have sex with little girls which Monsef has NEVER denounced.
      Nice one Justin…..Liberals condone murdering gays and pedophilia when it’s Muslims doing it.

      Show me just 1 muslims based nation that gives full rights to women , gays and jews .

    • What a Film Actors Guild.

  • Mark

    Once again we see what leaving the former government’s apparatchiks in place does. Harper should have fired at least half the civil service in 2006 and hired new people who weren’t set in their liberal ways. Fresh blood would reinvigorate the civil service or at least frighten the ones still employed into doing their jobs. Tell me again what we got for 10 years of ‘Conservative’ government?

    • mauser 98

      fired at least half the civil service in 2006 and hired none….zero zilch

    • We have a Vichy government, the bureaucracy is the state a law unto itself. The Liberals understand this better than the conservatives did.

    • Chris

      Harper was handcuffed by 2 successive minority governments and had to appease the opposition parties to maintain even a minute amount of control. The focus of his single majority was limited to ensuring the fiscal viability of our future. (which Justin has completely destroyed.)

      • Alain

        While I concur concerning his minority governments, I disagree about his majority. There is no excuse for his timid “incrementalism” when he had a majority, since anyone with a brain knew that at some point he would no longer be in power. Sorry but I can never forgive him for squandering that opportunity to make truly big changes.

        • Chris

          Due to the glacial speed that our parliament works at, there is a limit to the amount that can be accomplished in a single term. Personally I think that his focus on our finances was the proper start because it would give him the wiggle room needed to start on the rest. The one thing that I disagree with him on was not dismantling the CBC due to it’s position as the propaganda arm of the left.

          • Alain

            Then how do you explain the fact that the Liberals in only a few months in power undid just about everything Harper accomplished. So no, anything less than a scorched earth approach when you have a majority will accomplish nothing.

          • Chris

            Very easy to explain Alain, The Libs always have an easy time when they are in power because they are the ones who have stacked the bureaucracy in their favour so that everyone else has to maneuver through all of the roadblocks that are thrown in their path. Add to that the CBC and Harper was lucky to get done what he did. It is very easy to endorse a scorched earth policy to clean up our government, but no politician today, in any party, has the stones needed to do such a thing. The system weeds out those who might.

          • Alain

            You are right about no politician having the spine. None of them are willing to stand up and put the welfare and well being of the country and its citizens first.

    • Alain

      I agree and also need to point out that Harper himself continued with mass immigration/refugees started by the Liberals. Furthermore under his watch the number was even increased. We have no party and no politician whose objective is to put Canada and Canadians first.

  • moraywatson

    We have a ‘system’? Oh well then, I feel so much better.

  • tom_billesley

    His zebibah is a bit eccentric.

  • tom_billesley
  • Starlord

    He will never deported as we have a liberal cabinet minister who by law should be deported.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    It’s always our fault; just ask Ralph the goof or turdope.