New ISIS Infographic on Mandalay Bay Shooting Claims Stephen Paddock Converted Six Months Ago

The Islamic State continued insisting that they have a connection to Sunday night’s massacre in Las Vegas with the publication of an infographic about the crime filling the second page of their 16-page weekly newsletter.


Full mag at link below.

Al Naba issue 100

  • Jabberwokk

    I don’t trust people who have every reason to lie. Hard evidence of GTFO.

    • Alain

      Like the FBi, CIA and local law enforcement there?

    • Speculation is rampant, no one is sure what to belive at this point including hints that the FBI is withholding evidence of political motivation from the room tapes.

      • Thinking From First Principles

        I have been letting the TV play while I work, and thought the report was that the cameras were baby monitors. The implication of that is, of course, that someone nearby (and not too far off) was monitoring the broadcast. That would seem to be a strong basis for suspecting an accomplice. We shall see how that all turns out.

        The other thing being reported is that he expected to escape. How they know that is unclear.

        I am waiting for reports on the fingerprint analysis off of all the weapons. Are they only his, or did he have others that got him started and then left him on his own?

  • Marius K

    Gambling, real estate deals, accounting and secretive life. I would say money laundering that may or may not have a connection to a terrorist organization.

  • disqusW6sf

    Jordan Peterson says it is revenge against God for the outrage of creation.
    I have no idea.

    • k2

      Professor Peterson, you’re seriously suggesting muzzling the freedom of the press to fully report on incidents like this, in the interest of denying the murderers the infamy they crave? No way. I’m disappointed in you, sir.

  • DMB

    If he truly did convert to Islam and joined ISIS wouldn’t there be a martyrdom video?