French police arrest couple with rocket launcher and Kalashnikov near Marseille

A couple who were found with a rocket launcher and an AK-47 assault rife in their vehicle during a routine traffic stop, have been arrested by police in southern France.

The pair, in their twenties, who have not been named, were picked up in Port-de-Bouc, near Marseille.

Ammunition was also recovered from the car, Le Parisien reported.

  • WalterBannon

    so rocket launchers and AKs are legal in france??

    guess gun control will fix this, right

    • Maurice Miner

      You betcha! Just press the button marked “Church”, and it automatically homes in on the nearest place of worship”. “That’s St Marks!” “Not any more!”

  • Liberal Progressive

    That’s Islamophobic!

    In a multicultural country the police need to have respect for their culture.

    • sk6actual

      edit: imported culture

  • irishrus

    With all the terrorist crap that happens in Europe these days these countries have got to be dummer than shit … check that …. dummer than Turdeau to keep letting in Muslim refugees

  • Hard Little Machine

    Join the Salafist Space Program !!

  • Editor

    No biggie, Police say he doesn’t fit the jihadist profile, just that of an “inner city thug”. Well, I feel way safer now.