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Scheer Rips Deceitful Trudeau For Paying Khadr While Fighting Indigenous Girl In Court Over Dental Treatment

Today in Question Period, Andrew Scheer asked why Justin Trudeau gave $10.5 million to Omar Khadr to “save money” on legal fees, but has spent over $100,000 in court to deny a $6,000 dental treatment to an Indigenous girl.

There has been growing outrage over the total hypocrisy of the Trudeau government, and the government has had no good answers for it. That didn’t change, as rather than answer the actual question, Trudeau ended up spouting off his talking points about Khadr’s “rights.”

Stephen Paddock: The Most Plausible Theory of His Motivation

As things always go with these sorts of matters, what we think we know now will inevitably change and, in some respects, undoubtedly change dramatically as more information comes to light. So far, though, this is essentially the extent of the propositions on which the Big Media insiders agree.

Admittedly, I don’t know anything more at the moment. However, I’m shocked (though not particularly surprised) that no one–namely, no “conservative” commentator–has so much as suggested even the possibility that this historically unprecedented massacre just may be the event in which the violent hatred to which suspected Deplorables have been routinely subjected for over a year-and-a-half has reached its bloody climax.

Australia Presses for More Facial Recognition in Terror Fight

The Australian government wants to strengthen its counterterrorism efforts by making use of a fundamental part of all Australian citizens: their faces.

On Thursday, at a national security meeting in Canberra, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is expected to pressure states and territories to hand over the driver’s license photos of every citizen, which would be added to the federal government’s database of passport and citizenship application photos.

The licenses would be a prized jewel: They are more prevalent than passports, and they have more regularly updated photos that can be fed into a sweeping surveillance system, to the alarm of privacy advocates.

‘One of our comrades has made those Trump supporting dogs pay’: Left-wing ‘Melbourne Antifa’ extremists condemned for praising Las Vegas shooter after he shot dead 59 people

Left-wing extremist group Antifa has been condemned for posting a vile Facebook post praising a man who killed at least 59 people in Las Vegas in the worst mass shooting in American history.
Screenshots of the Melbourne chapter’s deleted social media post have been reposted on to their site, highlighting their support for dead 64-year-old gunman Stephen Paddock.
‘One of our comrades from our Las Vegas branch has made these fascist Trump supporting dogs pay,’ it said on Tuesday morning.

More Canadians petitioning the government about fear of cellphone radiation

If petitions are any indication, a growing number of Canadians are very concerned about being zapped by radiation from their cellphones, baby monitors and wireless internet routers.

Seven of the 16 environmental petitions submitted to the auditor general’s office between July 2016 and June 2017 “concerned potential adverse health effects on humans from radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation from personal wireless devices,” according to one of the fall reports from Canada’s environment commissioner, released Tuesday. That’s up from one in 2014-2015 and none in 2015-2016.

  • “UK to imprison people who view ‘far-right propaganda’ online for up to 15 years”

    • tom_billesley

      Far-right. That’s a member of the Labour Party that hasn’t joined the Jeremy Cult and Momentum.

  • tom_billesley

    .. radiation from their cellphones, baby monitors and wireless internet routers ..
    Those you choose to use, it may not be so with a smart meter.

  • tom_billesley

    The wreck of the SS Athenia appears to have been identified in the Atlantic. The sinking of the liner by U-30 in 1939, hours after Britain declared war on Germany, resulted in the first Canadian casualties of WW2.

  • ontario john

    Trudeau’s propaganda arm, the CBC was ramped up last night. Story on Nazis running rampant in Canada. This time how members of the military are involved with anti-immigrant groups. Standard whiny indian story. Standard story on muslims being persecuted in Burma, More government money for muslim terrorists in Burma, Standard heart warming story on immigrants in Canada. Trump is Hitler. Trudeau is wonderful. And Ontario is taking firm action against crime in the province. While Black Lives Matter disrupts parades, meetings, and blocks traffic, Wynne is setting up no protest zones around baby killing clinics.

  • Cat-astrophe

    Don’t know where you got the “Malevolence of the E.U.” clip, but thank you for sharing the biggest dichotomy of the current western regime.
    On the same vein, the UN is promoting Abortion again it seems.
    Only “educated” western peoples will jump on board, not those who suffer under the yoke of Allah.
    Got a ‘Citizengo’ petition to present to the “committee” (funny how that is a lot like “commie” saying you do not support the new language.
    From the Petition: This time, they’re offering a novel interpretation of the “Right to Life” as found in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. According to them, the “Right to Life” in fact entails a right to abortion! In an incredible distortion of the most fundamental of human rights, which, by their own admission applies to all human beings everywhere, they say the right to life is also the right to end the life of an unborn human being.
    The Committee has opened their Draft General Comment (which contains this novel interpretation of the Right to Life) to public consultation, and we should firmly reject it.

    If you are interested:

  • ontario john

    Breaking News from the CBC. Great victory for Trudeau, environmental loons, and whiny indians. Trans Canada has cancelled the Energy East pipeline. Now we can continue to bring in oil from Islamic shit holes.

  • tom_billesley

    UK: Government adviser on pollution, Frank Kelly, said that all cars need to be banned or drivers need to be dissuaded from using them if targets are to be met.
    They produce evil PM2.5 particles from wear of tyres and brake pads, and all-electric cars, because of the weight of batteries, produce more particles than internal combustion engined cars.
    Will there be a toxic tax on new tyres, brake pads, and rubber soled shoes?