Black Lives Matter Students Shut Down ACLU’s Free Speech Event

The American Civil Liberties Union held an event at the College of William & Mary titled, “Students and the First Amendment,” and ironically, a handful of Black Lives Matter students hijacked the event and prevented the invited guest from speaking.

According to, the students took over the stage minutes after Claire Gastañaga, a W & M alum, began speaking. Gastañaga tried to demonstrate some woke inclusiveness by welcoming the disruption as an example of the very rights she was there to discuss, but the students weren’t there for a discussion.

They began drowning her out with chants of “ACLU, you protect Hitler, too!” and “The oppressed are not impressed!” and “Shame, shame, shame, shame.” Not too catchy, that last one. They also chanted, revealingly, “The revolution will not uphold the Constitution” and incoherently, “Liberalism is white supremacy!”