Transgender employee challenges firing from Christian funeral home

Funeral home owner Thomas Rost, who is a Christian, fired Aimee Stephens after she informed him that she would be dressing as a woman while working as a funeral home director.

h/t Marvin

  • kkruger71

    Just reading this article is infuriating with the way it caters to the pronoun game. Without knowing what transgender is, it reads like there is no problem, as in a she is wearing womens clothing. This is a great example of why I keep saying we need to stop giving any ground on even slight changes to word definitions or even common use; by giving in on the pronoun use it really does make the argument for them. This is where the “Why not use them? It doesn’t hurt anybody” argument they give leads.

  • Literally Hitler

    One would think the bereaved prefer not to have to deal with Frank N Furter.

  • ontario john

    With more and more stories of people showing regret and wanting to change back, including a story in the National Post, we should treat the transgender situation for what it is. A mental illness