Three Green Berets dead, more injured after being ambushed in Niger

Anonymous officials told Stars & Stripes that three U.S. Green Berets were killed with multiple injured being taken to Niamey, the capital.

The officials also said that the commandos were likely attacked by al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb militants.

  • Bla Bla

    So another leak leads to American servicemen lives lost? I bet you yes.

  • Hktony

    I write in jihad watch that the usa has to get out of other peoples wars. But it cannot it needs cheap oil, it needs to sell arms, it needs to sell money to poor countries who cannot repay …..
    I have not been able to post since. Freeedom of speech cut or a coincidence.
    Liberal and progressives driven by the states. Saudis supported by the states. Isis and on and on. Many Americans i am sure agree but they are not in power.
    Islam would be in a tent in a desert if it wasn’t for the greed of oil grabbers and banksters. But it appears they need even more money.
    The rot is in the govt. Europe is rotten to the core. Do you hear the states complaining about this. What has america done to stop the police in catalonia attacking voters for example.
    What About hundreds of thousands of children raped in the uk.
    If this had been serbia they would have bombed the uk. But perhaps it benefits the states somehow?? Reagan seemed to be the only honest president in recent history. Now we have bankers and military men running the show.
    I could be wrong of course but Spencer points at muslims but ignores why they have the ability to get away with all this crap they through at us. Discuss with muzzies. So f ing what. Yes educate people about islam but the liberals undermine our rights behind our backs until we all know about islam but we have no rights to do anything about it.
    It is a slight of hand game by the govts. Throw muzz at us yo distract us from the marxist state they are creating when the solution is remove the marxist govt and the muzz issue vanishes and the despots can go and live in a muslim country.