The Full Dhimmi: Toronto District School Board chair defends controversial Islamic guidebook

A letter written by the chair of the Toronto District School Board concerning their controversial Islamic Heritage Month guidebook chastises a national Jewish group and reveals the board was not as eager to tone the guide down as previously thought.

On Monday, I reported that the TDSB was temporarily recalling and revising their Islamic Heritage Month guidebook following a complaint from advocacy group B’nai Brith Canada.

As I noted yesterday, our public institutions must be regarded as latter day versions of Vichy France. The TDSB, thanks to their overwhelming featherbedding greed needs the tax dollars the province provides. The TDSB needs Muslim students, lots of them, to hold on to that funding hence the sharia-creep in our schools. That money does not go to the children, or for anything as silly as teaching, it provides them gold plated pensions and benefits. They have sold you and your children out to line their pockets. They have allowed a violent supremacist cult to infiltrate and influence our allegedly secular school system. And now comes the Islam inspired Jew hatred, it’s all part of the bargain.