The Full Dhimmi: Toronto District School Board chair defends controversial Islamic guidebook

A letter written by the chair of the Toronto District School Board concerning their controversial Islamic Heritage Month guidebook chastises a national Jewish group and reveals the board was not as eager to tone the guide down as previously thought.

On Monday, I reported that the TDSB was temporarily recalling and revising their Islamic Heritage Month guidebook following a complaint from advocacy group B’nai Brith Canada.

As I noted yesterday, our public institutions must be regarded as latter day versions of Vichy France. The TDSB, thanks to their overwhelming featherbedding greed needs the tax dollars the province provides. The TDSB needs Muslim students, lots of them, to hold on to that funding hence the sharia-creep in our schools. That money does not go to the children, or for anything as silly as teaching, it provides them gold plated pensions and benefits. They have sold you and your children out to line their pockets. They have allowed a violent supremacist cult to infiltrate and influence our allegedly secular school system. And now comes the Islam inspired Jew hatred, it’s all part of the bargain.

  • marty_p

    To quote the Canadian rock group BTO “You ain’t seen nothing yet”…wait until M103 is finalized.

  • ontario john

    Maybe as part of a public relations effort, Wynne can dress up in her muslim outfit and hand out the guides at schools. The Toronto Star would love it. When can we expect Christian heritage guide books handed out?

    • Imagine if Christians asked for sex segregated prayer rooms and made menstruating girls sit in the “unclean area”.

      • ontario john

        Christians are colonial Nazis!!

  • simus1

    The school board trustee situation throughout this country is a perfect example of conservative lethargy and lack of scrutiny, Most of those elected never even campaign or make themselves known to the general public at election time because they rely on interest groups and the ndp to quietly turn out on voting day and send them back into office.

    • Old Guy

      Those in the political centre and on the political right who support conservative values and/or classical liberalism will have to be challenged to run for political office.

      I do not believe that it is overstating the case to say that the policies of school boards have become a threat to the very survival of Western culture.

      • Exile1981

        In our district you can only run for school board if you can make the meetings. If you miss a meeting you can’t vote at the next one. The meetings are held during the day when people work. So our school board consists of farmers, house wives, retired people and a welfare queen.

        • Old Guy

          While school boards operate under provincial legislation it is unlikely that they infact have the legal authority to limit the ability of elected individuals to be able to cast their vote. Or, for that matter, they likely lack the legal authority to schedule meetings when they know it will result in precluding attendance of elected members of the board. Further, I suspect that anyone wanting to challenge this in a court of law would have grounds to do so.

    • I am not sure we need school board trustees any longer, ideally a few parents could mange what they allegedly do.

      • Old Guy

        Good point. But, why stop there. The Education Act needs to be revamped.

  • Bless his heart

    Unions care nothing about the citizens or people.

    Look at Teamsters who struck Puerto Rico right after Hurricane maria and let over 10,000 needed cargo containers, including reefers, back up in San Juan. the US Coast Guard and the US Army Corp of Engineers had worked like heck to quickly open the ports. Ships were backed up as the port land storage was full. The teamsters head said screw you Puerto Rico, now you know how we feel with our wage increase not approved by the Puerto Rican legislature and governor.

    Unions will do anything for a buck these days.