The Bells of Barcelona Toll for Europe

President Trump got bad advice about the secession crisis in Catalonia. When Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy visited the White House last week, he said that Spain’s northeastern region would be “foolish to secede.” On the contrary, the gutsy Catalans are the world’s poster-boy for populism. Their independence movement is a real revolution. America shouldn’t meddle in Spain’s internal affairs, to be sure, but we ought to recognize a kindred political movement when we see it. Ultimately, the Catalan independence movement is a response to Europe’s demographic cataclysm.

  • john700

    Sorry, but I think Spengler is wrong on this one. The nationalist movement in Catalunya is, like in Quebec, a bunch of communists who are frustrated that they cannot impose their ideology on a country. Therefore, they want to have their own country.

    • xavier

      Nope sorry It’s not communism. In fact the communists were violently opposed to Catalan autonomy even before the civil war. In fact the communists did their awesome best during the ear to ensure that the republic would be defeated just so the Catalans couldn’t have any kind of autonomy no matter how innocuous. The POUM got wiped out precisely because they were Marxist that were more local nationalist and Moscow wouldn’t tolerate that
      You also downplay the fact that the nationalists came from the bourgeoisie who were fed up with the corruption and despoliation of the region since 1715. They got fed up with being treated like a conquered territory that was to be eternally milked by the oligarchs in Madrid

  • deplorabledave

    Seems pretty hard to find a dog to support in that fight.

  • Sharkibark

    The population of Catalonia are a mix of Fascists (people have forgotten that Spain was Fascist until the 70’s) and a sprinkle of 7% Islamists. It is a toxic mix. Buh-bye Spain unless you grow a new pair of balls. Might happen, you never know. #reconquista

    • xavier

      No the majority of Catalunya weren’t fascists. The huge diaspora in exile belies thst assertion. And some who fought for Franco dod so grudgingly becausecthey were shocked at the antiCatholic pogroms.

      As for the Moslems,that’s an Spanish elite policy to dilute Catalan identity.Most of the biggest fights between the 2 govt s were precisely on education and immigration as well as money
      Most Catalan are leery to hostile. They really don’t like the Moroccans and seethe because the social justice pressure to shut up because is overwhelming even the Catalan elites aid and abet that crap

  • DMB

    What is the point of Catalonia from succeeding from Spain when they will still be part of the European Union. If there is ever a succession that is needed it is from the EU.

    • Maggat

      En mass!

  • robins111

    The last time Catalonia pulled away from Spain was during the Civil War with most of the major urban centers going socialist or communist. Barcelona and area fell under the Anachist rule and basically pulled away for a couple of years and fought Franco independant of the rest of Spain.

    They also murdered thousands of ‘non anarchists’ including hundreds of priests and nuns.

    The central government finally moved in and took over with the communists killing several hundred anachistsband destroying the POUM movement which they claimed were Trotskyites

    • xavier

      And irony of ironies the Anarchists at h enemies of the Communists did an awesome job of helping the commies impede both the war effort and Catalan autonomy. Don’t forget that the Republican govt was under the control of the NKVD and Stalin was literally trying to recreate the Russian civil war and the Soviet purges in Spain at the same time. That the checklist got to wipe out some troksyites was a bonus.
      In fact the Soviets applied the same lessons on Eastern Europe from 44-49

  • Maggat

    The Que referendum of -95 was a close one and a pity it didn’t pass. All of our aches and pains would be behind us and the land mass of Canada would be split into, probably five viable countries. Well, some not so viable such as they are today. But those that wished to grow into viable countries would have the brain dead federals removed from their path.