NYT Uses Inflated Mass Shooting Numbers For Dramatic Editorial

The New York Times’ editorial board relied on inflated mass shooting numbers in a dramatic piece on gun violence published Tuesday.

The article didn’t make an argument; it displayed filled-out calendars marking the days on which “mass shootings” took place. The piece was titled: “477 Days. 521 Mass Shootings. Zero Action From Congress.” The editorial board relied on data from the Gun Violence Archive to assert that there have been 521 mass shootings since the start of June 2016.

  • Sharkibark

    You can’t legislate “Don’t be crazy.”

  • Gary

    Where was the outrage when a Muslim slaughtered 50 LGBTQE2 persons in the Pulse Night club ????
    In that case it was about guns and not innocent gays and quranic homophobia.

  • Bla Bla

    Shouldn’t the stalin loving rag be out of business by now? What’s taking them so long?

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    When is someone going to tell Adam Carolla to bitch slap his buddy Jimmy Kimmel?

  • terrence22

    whaddya expect from the New York Slimes? truth? facts? reality? – do not hold your breath waiting

  • Clausewitz

    If I want the truth, generally I just take the opposite stance to what ever the New York times is spewing.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Where were they when Chicago racked up one Las Vegas each month every month for the past 5 years?