Munich shooting: Gunman of Iranian extraction who killed 9 wanted to cleanse Germany of foreigners say “experts”

Contrary to police findings, an expert panel commissioned by the city of Munich found that Munich gunman David S. was motivated by extremist right-wing political ideology when he shot and killed nine people at shopping center in the Bavarian city.

He internalized the white man’s racism evidently.

  • Exile1981

    wow, thats some serious newspeak and twisting to make a muslim screaming allah snackbar into a right wing anti-immigrant type.

  • simus1

    German vote whores and police officialdom go to great lengths to make sure truth is the first casualty in all things big and small..

  • Bless his heart

    Taqiyya. Lies.

    Anything that puts Islam in a bad light is harom / forbidden. It is also an insult to Islam to put Islam in a bad light. The punishment for insulting Islam is death.
    They submitted to Islam. They want to live. Simple.

    Islam must end.