“Liberal”… the very word elicits a sense of disgust

Vote Whores R Us

New citizenship rules on language, residency to kick in Oct. 11


  • Yo Mama

    Waz the rule? If you say you will alwaz vote Lieberal youz gets in?

  • ontario john

    That’s right, bring your old disabled relatives over from Pakistan, India, or some other shit hole, get them to stay awhile, and Justin will make them citizens. Because here in Sunny Ways Canada, we will take anyone. AND EVERYTHING IS FREE!!

    • marty_p

      Notice the announcement was given in Bramadesh. I still remember when Ruby Dhalla wanted to make changes to Canada’s pension eligibility rules so her mother who contributed SFA to Canada could collect.
      Take a look around you next time you have to visit the emergency ward at your local hospital….’nuff said

  • Hamza bin Laden

    I am so glad that the rules have been loosened so it is easier to get into Canada and much quicker to get my Canadian citizenship papers!

    • I knew you’d appreciate it!

    • Maggat

      Sarcasm, I trust.

  • Surele Surele

    From the comments:

    Greg Proudman:
    Just my first impression, but it feels like we’re having some kind of a clearance sale on Canadian citizenship.

  • Oracle9

    100 million “Canadians” by 2040. Just think of the “carbon prices” an overpopulated 100-mile strip on our southern border will generate!

    Gerald and Justin are looking forward to even more opulent lifestyles!

  • Alain

    Might as well offer Canadian citizenship on Amazon.ca, which at least could cut down on the number of bureaucrats we pay.

  • Because passports and Liberal voters blocks are sorely needed.

    Not by regular people, of course, but for power-hungry, jack-off, Holocaust-denying Liberals.

  • ontario john

    And in further news how feminist Trudeau is ruining this country, the CBC is upset and outraged tonight that some members of our military are involved with so called right wing groups. This includes groups speaking out against uncontrolled migrants coming over the border. The Horror!! This goes against the Trudeau efforts to fill the military with socialist, black, muslim, lesbians in wheel chairs.

  • Dave

    Too bad this assclown wasn’t at the Jason Aldean concert.