Catalonia: What The Media’s Not Telling You

“…Catalonia has always trended a lot more to the Left than the rest of Spain. And it is slowly but surely in the process of Islamization, aided and abetted by its regional government. For more than a decade the Muslim population of Catalonia has been rapidly growing, because Catalonia’s politicians have made it a prime destination for Muslim migrants and ‘refugees.’ A large part of the population, now well over 7% of Catalonia, has become radicalized (or already were) and are calling for the establishment of a Muslim state in what they still refer to by the name of their former conquest, as ‘al-Andaluz.’

  • Millie_Woods

    Or is that just what we’re being told? Don’t you think it’s funny we’re just hearing this for the first time now?

  • canminuteman

    Very bizarre. Why fight for self determination and import muzzies at the same time? What’s the point?

    • ntt1

      I stumbled around Spain in the early seventies, Spent lots of time in Barcelona looking at Gaudi’s work including the fledgling Sacreda Familia. Catalan separatism was a strong force even back then, this was while the RCMP were still teaching sullen Quebecois how to blow up mail boxes. It seems to be a centuries old movement ,

      • canminuteman

        Yes, it is a very old movement. Many Catalans don’t even consider themselves Spanish and don’t speak the same language, but why would people who are ethnic nationalists, who look like they are prepared to go to war over the issue, import foreigners?

        • ntt1

          Do Catalans have immigration autonomy like the Quebecois? It might just be the same idiotic importation by a brain dead political class, of a ready to go civil war. Most western political leaders are unfortunately guilty of this. They start the divisions by reckless importation of barbarians then wring their hands when the filth go off script.

          • xavier

            No and that’s one reason why the Catalans want out. Just about everything has to go through Madrid

        • Brenda

          How many times in history have people imported another group to supposedly use for some purpose only to have them turn on them? The ones in power figure they’ll just switch fealty but personally gain by a change in leadership; but most people are just too stupid to learn and realize the risk.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    When was the last time a European read “The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus?”

  • felis gracilis

    The day is coming – perhaps soon – when they will miss the old Generalissimo.

    • xavier

      Nope no one misses him except a few doddering old people

  • Hard Little Machine

    Good. All the more reason to keep them in Spain so they can spread the inevitable caliphate faster. Let it crash and burn.