Awww… Islamic extremist who appeared on SBS with an ISIS flag on his chest CRIES in court

An Islamic extremist who conspired to prepare for a terrorist act has had an apparent anxiety attack at his sentencing hearing in Sydney alongside his co-accused.

Sulayman Khalid, 22, started crying and breathing heavily at the Supreme Court in Parramatta on Tuesday and briefly left the courtroom, with his lawyer stating he was ‘very stressed’, and a supporter claiming he was ‘having an anxiety attack’.

  • Watchman

    What a coincidence, we get stressed too when we face the threat from his favourite religion, but we can’t afford to have an anxiety attack in the middle of a jihadist terrorist attack. It’s standard Islamic belief that the muslim prophet Muhammad, the best example to all muslims of appropriate behaviour, proudly claimed, “I have become victorious through terror.” (Bukhari 4:52.220)

  • tom_billesley

    He should try alternate-nostril breathing. It works for Hillary.

  • sk6actual

    He just THINKS he has breathing problems…tighten the noose.