We don’t want you either…

There are 750 Canadian ‘Dreamers’ facing possible deportation from U.S. after Trump decision


h/t Marvin

  • Reader

    These illegal immigrants should stop blaming the USA and start blaming the real source of their problems, their parents who chose to break the law.

    • Good point.

    • They are also old enough not be petulant little sh–s who blame and attack others. They should have sought citizenship for themselves at this point.

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    Et tu, Canada?

  • pike bishop

    Justin Trudeau will make their dreams come true.

    • Observer

      The nightmare is not the same as a dream.

    • Watchman

      Of course, were’t these Dreamers only in the USA because of governments under the control of people like Brian Mulroney, Kim Campbell, and Stephen Harper. Now that Justins has closed down the Conservatives concentration camps, stopped the summary executions of Liberal party members on the side of the road, and opened Canadian borders to all, surely these Dreamers will want to come back to Canada. After all, escaping Trump’s fascist, racist, sexist regime they might be able to come back as ‘refugees’ and claim free dental care just like any other refugee. /sarc

      • pike bishop

        LOL / sarc acknowledged.