Toronto school board recalls, revises controversial Islamic guidebook

Kathleen Wynne – Take Me Saladin!

The Toronto District School Board is temporarily pulling an Islamic Heritage Month guidebook following complaints from Jewish advocacy group B’nai Brith Canada, the Toronto Sun has learned.

The book, as I described in a recent column, is a robust 170-page document that encourages a great deal of religious intrusion in a classroom setting that’s otherwise supposed to be a non-religious environment.

Follow the money. Muslim students are a rising demographic in Toronto. Provincial school boards like the TDSB receive provincial funding for each student. That funding pays for teacher salaries, pensions and perks. The TDSB willingly submits to Islamic aggression in order to protect that funding, that’s why “our” schools accommodate sharia law. If they didn’t the Muslims might send their kids to private schools as many do now. That would mean bye bye to provincial funding.

It has to be recognized that our government, political class and public institutions are now the equivalent of Vichy France. They are collaborators.

  • Brett McS

    Well said: “our government, political class and public institutions are now the equivalent of Vichy France”.

    Though I doubt many people under 40 know what Vichy France is. BCF readers excluded.

    • Pity they no longer teach history in schools.

      • Tooth&Claw

        I wasn’t taught much Canadian history. I was taught a lot about WWII. Any other history I know I learned as an adult out of school from personal interest.

    • mauser 98

      Cretin’s Minister of Defence McCallum never heard of Dieppe raid
      Columbus , Magellan etc. scrubbed from schools

  • ontario john

    And yet people go nuts and file law suits if a Christmas tree is seen in schools.

  • Waffle

    The last paragraph (if you read that far)

    “The Toronto District School Board doesn’t have a heritage month for Christians, but does for Jews and Sikhs. However, there is nowhere near the same effort put into these endeavours as the Islamic one and while a Sikh guidebook is in the works there isn’t a Jewish one.”

    Talk about trying to close the barn door AFTER the horse has taken the bit and is off and galloping!

    Words cannot express my utter and absolute disgust with my fellow tribesmen/women for allowing this travesty to happen. When Jewish Heritage Month was legislated years ago, the overpaid “professional” Jews did nothing!!!

    • shasta

      The only heritage month needed in the schools is Canadian heritage.

      • Watchman

        Justin Trudeau would say there is no Canadian heritage or culture, just a Canadian history, since Canada is a multicultural nation of immigrants. Well, except for the natives, who are the only Canadians allowed to preserve their culture.

        • shasta

          He very well might say that; but I give no credence to the opinion of morons or idiots.

    • White Christians are a minority in the TDSB.

    • Watchman

      Well, as we know the Jewish and Sikh stuff is the half-hearted effort to cloak the real goal: to promote islam as the best religion. “It’s not just islam, we celebrate many different religions.” Just not Christianity at all, because that might detract from their goal.

      • Waffle

        I’m not sure what you are saying, but in Ontario, Jewish Heritage Month was established in 2012 and Sikh Heritage Month was established a year later in 2013. Islamic Heritage Month came into existence in 2016:

        • Frances

          But have they ever really been celebrated within the Toronto school system? Apparently no 170-page booklet was ever written for these two faiths.

  • ontario john

    That thing dressed up in muslim garb is our premier??

    • Yes that is the evil bitch.

      • Frances

        And her scarf is all wrong – she has hair showing.

        • A Hamilton Guy

          She should have hid the face too. All of it.

  • simus1

    At least most of the Vichy crowd understood their own perfidy and didn’t wallow in it, unlike these cretins.

  • barryjr

    Toronto? Doesn’t surprise me at all this is what the people want. Build a wall around the place and just shoot anything trying to escape

    • k1962


  • Watchman

    “…pulling an Islamic Heritage Month guidebook”
    Did it covering a true islamic guidance for girls: FGM for girls, how getting married at 9 is so sexy, how not to be beaten as a wife, how ‘no’ means ‘yes’ to your husband’s lust at any time, and how your testimony is only worth half that of a boy? Or did the guidebook not mention that women must pay at the back of men to avoid distracting them, so the guidebook had to be withdrawn as it is so severely lacking in basic islamic principles?

  • Revise?

    One simply does not revise or make any similar request of Islamists.

    Now that they don’t have to hide their ideology anymore, let’s move along. Nothing to see here.

  • k1962

    I’m glad they’re paying attention and calling this out. Crap, we are in trouble.