Toronto school board recalls, revises controversial Islamic guidebook

Kathleen Wynne – Take Me Saladin!

The Toronto District School Board is temporarily pulling an Islamic Heritage Month guidebook following complaints from Jewish advocacy group B’nai Brith Canada, the Toronto Sun has learned.

The book, as I described in a recent column, is a robust 170-page document that encourages a great deal of religious intrusion in a classroom setting that’s otherwise supposed to be a non-religious environment.

Follow the money. Muslim students are a rising demographic in Toronto. Provincial school boards like the TDSB receive provincial funding for each student. That funding pays for teacher salaries, pensions and perks. The TDSB willingly submits to Islamic aggression in order to protect that funding, that’s why “our” schools accommodate sharia law. If they didn’t the Muslims might send their kids to private schools as many do now. That would mean bye bye to provincial funding.

It has to be recognized that our government, political class and public institutions are now the equivalent of Vichy France. They are collaborators.