Refugees, Intersectionalists, and Jews

Refugees are back in the news. This summer, the number of migrants crossing the Mediterranean from North Africa is likely to rise significantly. According to the Daily Telegraph:

“Europe could face a new wave of migrant arrivals this summer, a leaked German government report has warned. Up to 6.6m people are waiting in countries around the Mediterranean to cross into Europe, according to details of the classified report leaked to Bild newspaper.”

With the closing of the route through the Balkans and entry via Greece, most refugees, economic migrants and asylum seekers are crossing the Mediterranean into Spain or Italy, putting those countries under enormous strain. Since 2016, Austria has strengthened border police to prevent thousands more entering from Italy, and increased the number of troops and armored vehicles on the border in 2017.

  • Bless his heart

    The boats must be confiscated. Then future boats must be stopped and turned back. Then the boats must be shot at. Then the boats must be sunk, preferably at the shoreline. All boats must then be destroyed on the North African coast unless under a nation’s control and responsibility.

    Any who make it to Europe must be interred until returned to Africa. Options to return to their native lands should be offered. Camps must be made in Africa, or at least a safe area to drop the invaders as they are defined under Sharia Law, off in Africa.
    Similar actions needs to be done with invaders coming by way of Turkey.

    Turkey has expanded from a 19,000,000 population in the mid 1950’s when they drove 250,000 Greek Orthodox Christians out of the renamed Constantinople, to 80,000,000 Turks in Turkey and 10,000,000 Turkish invaders in Europe.
    Turkish ministers have said that they could take Germany in an hour and France in a week, or something like that.
    The Islamic world, the Ummah, is at war with all not in the Ummah, and specifically they desire Europe.

    When they take Europe they will have destroyed what it was. They say that all of Europe will be theirs. But it will then be nothing like it was. It will be like any Muslim controlled area.

  • ontario john

    Is that a picture of a United Church Sunday school class??