Lena Dunham Says ‘No Way Not to Politicize’ Vegas Shooting: ‘It’s About Gender and Race’ Too

Actress Lena Dunham took to social media Monday to respond to Sunday’s mass shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada, in which 59 people lost their lives, writing on Twitter that there was “no way not to politicize” the tragic event.

“No way not to politicize this tragedy,” the showrunner and star of HBO’s Girls wrote in a tweet. “It’s about gender & race as well as access to guns. Considering it random is comforting & dangerous.”

  • 2maxpower

    and here I thought we were all equal

    • Watchman

      We are all equal. It’s just women are more equal than men, and blacks are more equal then whites. I’m just wishing that Animal Farm and 1984 weren’t considered by leftists and SJWs as How-To books instead of societal warnings.

  • deplorabledave

    “Considering it random is comforting & dangerous.”

    For once this demented trollop is right. It wasn’t random. It was one of her ilk killing people because they were assumed to be conservatives.

  • mauser 98
    • Watchman

      Everybody needs to communicate with others of similar intellect so a way of ensuring a good peer-to-peer conversation. Unfortunately Lena decided to communicate with superior intelligence, a.k.a. the rocks, leaving her probably very frustrated with this interaction. Have you heard of the expression, “Dumb as a bag of rocks”? Lena manages to be less smart.

  • robins111

    Lena Fat Ass drools in public again.

    • sk6actual

      I concur – the montage presented may be the first full body semblance I’ve ever seen of this ‘ “Would wish Obama was my first”ite’. It explains a lot and more than I wish to ever view again.

  • irishrus

    she should go out Halloween as a boiling pin.

    Nah it would be to rich to believe she could be as smart as one

  • Tooth&Claw

    Until all facts are in, making it a political issue is dangerous.