Ex-FBI agent opens cold case review into who betrayed Anne Frank

A retired FBI agent has launched a cold case review into identifying those who may have betrayed the hiding place of Anne Frank and her family to the Gestapo in 1944.

Investigative techniques developed in the past decade, including the crunching of big data to uncover leads, are to be used by a team of 19 forensic experts led by Vince Pankoke.

The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam has made available its archives and welcomed the initiative, which is being filmed and chronicled online, as the investigators, including historians, psychological profilers and former police detectives, work through the evidence.

  • Tweety58

    I’d like the scum to be finally exposed but “definitive” proof no fucking way.

    The suspects are no longer able to defend themselves.This is just a group of exhibitionists engaging in an exploitive virtue signalling circle jerk.

    • Manual Paleologos

      I’m afraid I agree with you. I want the most heinous crimes in history punished, but we’re down to prosecuting pathetic old men who are mostly unable to comprehend the charges, let alone defend themselves. “But he lit an SS officer’s cigarette.”

      I’ll be glad when the last of them is dead, and He has judged them.