Austria: Integration Law Goes into Effect

A groundbreaking new law regulating the integration of immigrants has gone into effect in Austria. The so-called Integration Law — which bans full-face Muslim veils in public spaces and prohibits Islamic radicals from distributing the Koran — establishes clear rules and responsibilities for recognized asylum seekers and refugees who are granted legal residence in the country.

Austrian officials say the main goal of the law is to promote respect for Austrian values, customs and culture; Muslims claim that the measure unfairly targets them and will promote “Islamophobia.”

As of October 1, anyone covering his or her face in public with a burka, niqab or mask is subject to a fine of €150 ($175). The law, which follows similar bans in Belgium, France and the Netherlands, requires the face to be completely visible in all public spaces, including bus, rail, air and sea transport. Those who refuse to comply are subject to arrest.

  • Gary

    The whole Burka/Niqab issue in Canada will be over once the Sunni / Shia Wars start on our soil where they both send Burka clad suicide-bombers into each others Mosques or businesses.

    Problem solved….burka banned in public and in Mosques.

  • Watchman

    Fake news: “Police Raid Masked Ball: Fines Expected To Significantly Reduce Austrian National Debt”

  • Alain

    You cannot force by law or any means people, hostile invaders in particular, to integrate or assimilate. You can and should only accept those who want to integrate, which is how it used to be in Canada prior to Trudeau Sr. with his state multiculturalism. At best you may be able to prevent the wearing of face masks in public places. So I find all these attempts way too little and much too late.

    • Watchman

      Sure you can. Islam managed it (and is continuing to work at it) by extreme measures that the West is unwilling and thus unable to implement. All muslim countries used to be non-muslim before 622AD. I can’t think of any muslim area/country that was conquered by the West that the West has ever managed to successfully integrate into the West’s culture and ethics.

      • jayme

        Is this evidence that islam is in fact the superior culture?

        • k1992

          If one is judging success based solely on survivability and endurance, perhaps it is. But surely concepts such as mercy, compassion and tolerance have value – even if they prove the undoing of Western culture and civilization.

        • Watchman

          Maybe, but only if you also are willing to classify Ebola as a superior species than humans.

          Western Civilization has been so successful because it is not like Islamic culture: monogamous marriages, loyalty to the state instead of family or clan, rule of law, property rights, belief in science and learning, freedom of choice in religion, lifestyle, association and career.

          Islam has memes that allow it to successfully exploit some of these factors of Western Civilization. Against other clan-based tribalistic cultures that are just as ruthless as islam it becomes much less successful.

          • jayme

            So, virus-like, it has developed in a way that allows it to destroy its rival – Western civilization.

            I agree with your point but I can’t help thinking that the very fact that we are so vulnerable to islam underlines a fatal flaw/weakness in our own culture. Why can we not seem to adjust (using the virus analogy) and develop the proper antibodies needed to resist this horrible virus? The fact that we now cannot seem to do this, again, suggests to me that something is fundamentally wrong with our culture

  • Millie_Woods

    The law was written in Austrian so even Obama can understand it.

  • The Buddhist Butterfly

    If your importing people who need “integration laws”, maybe you shouldn’t be importing them in the first place?

    I’ve never heard of a Korean who needed an integration law.

    • Bless his heart

      Importing those that will murder them.

      This is just Islam’s most recent invasion to conquer Europe.

  • Bless his heart

    They are a military force come to conquer Austria and Europe. That is commanded by Sharia Law.
    Expel all followers of Sharia Law.

  • Bless his heart

    Expel them or become Lebanon or Kosovo,

    Applying Sharia Law in reverse: Death to Islam