Trial begins for Muslim charged in New York, New Jersey pipe bomb attacks

NEW YORK (AP) — A man accused of setting off a pipe bomb in New York City that injured 30 people went on trial Monday, but opening statements were made without him in the courtroom.

Ahmad Khan Rahimi stood and asked to speak as a prosecutor tried to start opening statements. The judge told him to sit down or he’d be removed. When he tried again to speak, marshals escorted him out and opening statements went forward without him.

Rahimi has not been charged with terrorism, but federal lawyers say his interest in jihad, terrorist attacks and terrorist organizations vastly influenced his plans.

The government said it is seeking to have an expert witness testify about al-Qaida founder Osama bin Laden and other terrorist leaders as a primer for jurors and to help explain some writings he made in a journal.

  • Alain

    Trying an enemy combatant in a civilian court as a simple domestic criminal is the height of insanity, and yet here we go again.

    • Watchman

      Playing “Whack-a-mole”: instead of pulling the power plug and disassembling the machine.

      • Will Quest

        That chin-strap beard and that coffee filter hat , the symbols of a modern pragmatic male……..

  • The Buddhist Butterfly

    Thank God and the Democratic Party that he didn’t have a silencer on the pipe bomb!

  • marty_p

    Breaking News – Singer Tom Petty dead after massive coronary attack:

  • Gary

    Muslims don’t understand how stupid they look when they believe that THEY are the Master-Race blessed by allah and destine to rule the Earth.
    They act like frustrated Chimps and the majority want to obey the quran to kill and destroy .

    • Watchman

      Deep down I think they do realise it. And that makes them angry. Angry enough to do something about it. Angry enough to make their solution permanent.

    • Will Quest

      That chin-strap beard and that coffee filter hat , the symbols of a modern pragmatic male………

      • Gary

        I stumbled on youtube video from Hyde Park where the Speaker Corner use to be a place of Free Speech on any topic from Astronomy Sciences to Political Science.
        But from what I saw the Muslim men with beards and a costume, while on welfare and just go from the mosque to the Park , have dominated the SC . There are NEO Brown-Shirt Oafs that act like allahs Muscle to show up and threaten people that speak about islam or muhmmad.

        There is also a pattern for the non-muslms that speak about religion in general . When they speak I keep seeing clusters of young muslms that gathers around and do dawah to promote islam and ask stupid question
        to distract the speaker and change the topic.
        95% of the muslims I saw in these videos had a very short attention where they would ask a question to the non-muslims speaker but can’t hold a thought in their head form ore than 20 second where they spew out another question or don’t let the person finish the answer .

        There is one Imam at the Park that boasts that the park in now an huge Open-Mosque . There are also the clusters of muslim males that face mekkah and pray while others yell allah-u-akbar.

        • Will Quest

          Sobering isn’t it

          • Gary

            Watch this video to see one of the heavy weight muslims in Hyde park that thinks he’s a genius and wins debates.
            He can’t focus on anything non-islamic form ore than 30 seconds and doesn’t listen which is why he’ll be just as stupid in 20 years if i watch him in another debate .

            He lives by the quran and denounces any books or faiths after muhammad as well as mocking the Bible but then uses it to defend the quran which has verses about Jesus and Moses.
            Note how nervous he is to keep drinking water and suck on candies.
            The video is long but i saw the whole 1 hour plus and if you skip ahead 6-7 minutes at a time to view a few minutes at once… you will see the same arrogance and rejection of knowledge by Hamza that proves he’s the perfect moron automaton the Imams rely on in the mosques that wil l strap on bombs and slaughter children on a bus or in a Kindergarten.

            He did say that he was islam for the UK to save it and the 5 sharia pillars. This means he wants to replace the 1930’s nazi fascism with allahs islamofacsism . Muslims also have disdain for Blacks which is obvious in the videos I saw where Black muslims are kept on a leash by the arab muslms that shut them up if they say too much that exposes the real quran.

            Remember….this muslim is exalted as their expert that defeats the Kuffirs in debates and is a genius.


  • pettifog

    Isn’t this the guy who was worried about the Republican health care plan so he became a terrorist?

  • newz

    Why fuck around? Just shoot the SOB and send a message.