MSNBC Panel: Trump Criticizing Mayor Is ‘Toxic Brew’ Of Racism, Incompetence, Egomania

Karine Jean-Pierre, a Senior Adviser at, said, “Just when you think the President hits rock bottom, he finds a way to take it even lower. And I think when you look at Puerto Rico, it really brings out the worst toxic brew of Donald Trump–which is the racism, incompetence, and the egomaniac that he is. We are talking about 3.4 million people who are really trying to survive and fighting for their life.”

  • ntt1

    another racist black bought and paid for by George Soros directly. Its shameful the media gives that deeply evil man a complete pass with absolutely no interest in to looking at his corrupt tentacles intertwined in the far left fascist movements.

  • irishrus

    Sucks to be her or the left when the majority stops agreeing with them

  • Denis

    the toxic brew is coming from her mouth!

  • DaninVan

    I tuned out when I got to “”.
    (I should have moved on myself, when I saw her pic…but I’m open minded 😉 )

  • Dwayne1011

    These folks are pissed because Trump isn’t sitting back and taking their crap but hitting back in the same way they strike out at him. What really sucks for that crowd is that after they bring attention to this, Trump is usually found out to be correct, but “his methods of delivery is crass” and “uncultured”. HA. Suck it “progressives” you are being owned at your own game.