Low-tech, lone-wolf terrorism like Edmonton’s almost unstoppable, experts say

Headlined “Knights of Lone Jihad,” the article posted on an Islamic State-linked website last month — and reported by the SITE Intelligence Group — was a bit of a how-to guide.

It urged supporters to kill unbelievers on their own, “especially the spiteful and indecent French, or an Australian or a Canadian,” and helpfully suggested doing so in the dark of night.

  • ontario john

    But please remember. It has nothing to do with Islam.

    • Canadian Born

      And Junior isn’t calling it an act of terrorism. What did he say an vicious criminal act? The word terrorism never comes out of his mouth, because he doesn’t want to offend his best friends.

    • Tooth&Claw

      In a pig’s eye it doesn’t.

  • Our ancestors got rid of the wolves. We are reintroducing them.

    • Linda1000

      Wolves are actually good guys and more civilized than many other species of the two-legged kind. I like them, the real four-legged wolves. 🙂

      • Alain

        For livestock rachers and farmers they are not good guys, but I agree that in their natural world they serve a useful purpose contrary to jihadists. Perhaps I should add that it isn’t just the odd animal you lose to them, because they go on a killing spree with lots of animals being killed or left badly wounded with their guts hanging out. Mind you they are not the only predators that do this.

        • Linda1000

          I didn’t know that wolves would go on a killing spree for domestic herds. I had the impression the pack would target one animal in a herd to make the kill. I’ve watched too many TV shows about animals hunting in the wild I guess where they always show lions, jackals etc. Chasing one prey.

          • Alain

            Actually from personal experience that is the case with all predators, four-footed or winged ones. I know the wide spread myth is that they only kill when they are hungry and only kill the old, weak or sick, but it simply isn’t true. I do not believe in trying to wipe out all predators, in fact it isn’t possible, but unless their numbers are controlled and people are allowed to deal with the problem ones it is impossible to make a living from livestock or poultry without keeping them confined 24/7 which is not humane in my view. Never liked nor supported what I call factory farms, feed lots, etc. While I have no problem with eating meat there is no excuse in not allowing the poultry or livestock a good, unstressed and natural life (certainly without cruelty) until they are butchered which should also be done humanely in my view.

            Back to the nature of predators, they are neither good nor bad in human sense. They do what they do. Nature contrary to the current myth is not all loving and caring. Again that is just as things are.

  • Oracle9

    Oh it is stoppable. Look at Poland, Hungary, Japan – ZERO Islamic terrorist attacks in those countries.

    • deplorabledave

      It’s a mystery.

    • Surele Surele

      in some instances extreme nationalism is a good thing.

      • Alain

        I don’t think it need be extreme, just normal nationalism would have the same effect. When the leaders and elite are globalists and reject any sense of nationalism, this is what you get and where we are.

  • marty_p

    The terrorists have figured out how to utilize low tech to terrorize. It’s impossible to ban kitchen knives, squeeze bottles (used in acid attacks), vehicles etc.
    The approach has to be the elimination of the perpetrator in advance of the attack and a reduction in the opportunity for an attack.
    Though the Israeli’s are still victims of some terrorist attacks – they seem to have figured out how to reduce the number drastically. As such, greater collaboration between Western Security agencies and Israel is warranted. Unfortunately, Canada is not quite ready to admit they need Israel’s advice.

    • zee

      The West is too busy giving Israel advice on how to surrender. 🙁

  • Maxsteele

    Following the murders in the Quebec mosque all the headlines were ..”The KILLER…The MURDERER…The WHITE SUPREMIST….”
    Following the Islamic terrorist attack in Edmonton, “The SUSPECT….Let’s not make judgements until all the facts are in…..Has nothing to do with ISLAM…..Don’t react with HATE….”
    Meanwhile antimsetic incidents in Canada double those of any so called Islamophbia while I do not see any Jews blowing people up, beheading people, or getting all stabby or driving vehicles into pedestrians…..not a single word about that in the media though.

    • Surele Surele

      one of the best comments yet. borrowing it for my FB, do you mind? crediting you, of course.

    • Old Guy

      The media narrative on events like this is carved in stone.

      Start of Media Narrative:
      On Watch List – Lone Wolf – Self-Radicalized – Acted Alone – Unstable – Unpredictable – Unstoppable –
      End of Media Narrative

      • occupant 9

        Oh that mosque, hey the mosque, the mosque, hey hello, the mosque, y’know a “building of worship” where Muhammadans seek our their deity’s help in mass murder, destruction and humiliation of the other … c’mon it’s a “sacred” place for Muhammadans …!

        Apparently, to the Left (which is more and more demonstrative of a mental disorder), if we don’t allow our self-declared enemies full support and ample opportunity to plan and carry out our termination, we’re the really, really bad people. Further, to do all the Left demands still won’t change the Left’s perception/Belief/Faith that our self-declared enemies have it correct. After all, it *is* what/how the official Leftist views *their* self-declared domestic enemy; the one they respect so much that they’ll cheat the nation (they also disdain, so that’s easy) to win political power.

        The Left’s mental disorder is evident when they refuse to recognize that the Muhammadan’s self-declared enemy includes them too.

  • Thinking From First Principles

    How to end the jihadist terrorist attacks in the Dar-al-Harb (i.e., the non-Islamic world):

    Step 1: Acknowledge the openly declared war of Islam against all that is not Islam.

    Step 2: Divide the UN into the Dar-al-Islam and the Dar-al-Harb. Establish border protections, and incentivize all who claim Islam to live in the Dar-al-Islam and all who do not claim Islam to live in the Dar-al-Harb.

    Step 3: Enforce and defend the borders between Dar-al-Islam and Dar-al-Harb.

    Conceptually, it’s exactly the same thing as separating two people who insist on fighting … or at least where one person who keeps attacking another who just wants to be left alone.

    If you insist on keeping openly declared combatants in your midst, then yes, there is no solution. So turn your brain on and use it.

    • occupant 9

      Logic is useless in the face of open negligence which is why this can/will only get worse … and the “authorities” know this which is why the “Canadian” gov’t is blasting ahead with criminalizing criticism of Muhammadism.

      In other words, our “authorities” well know what we can’t unknow/unsee and have picked the Islamist side over the “Canadian” one which “has no core identity” (conveniently eh?) anyhow.

      We’re headed to street war with the citizenry unable to rely on the civil “authority” to be on guard for thee.

  • robins111

    I rather expect that if we had concealed carry in Canada. There’d be a lot less incidents or they’d be resolved a lot faster.

  • The Buddhist Butterfly

    Japan seems to have stopped them pretty well.

  • irishrus

    To keep calling them ‘lone’ wolves is to play to the Islam is peace left narrative.

    Yet, anyone who simply disagrees with the left is part of a great white supremacist conspiracy. What a neat little box they live in

    • It is “lone wolf” in that the terrorist in question is not officially associated with X group.

      That leaves only a murderous individual sympathetic to a culture that advocates murder.

      No one wants to address that.

      • occupant 9

        … and if we actually cared to look slightly deeper, we’d see an ideology in which each individual is empowered by Allah to “act” when necessary, when opportunity presents. No central authority or command structure is in existence so by definition, EVERY act is a “lone” wolf or pack of “lone” wolves and thus, very conveniently confounding and as long we stick to our ignorance, “unstoppable”.

        • As I said before, had this been the case of a drunken white slob, the powers that be would be all over it.

  • Dana Garcia

    Ending Islamic immigration would be a good start to stopping jihad attacks — an ounce of prevention. . .

  • Perhaps this question should be asked: are the authorities willing to capitulate completely and shut down EVERYTHING in the public venue – schools, theatres, stores, restaurants – and restrict everyone’s movements?

    I would wager that had the Edmonton incident been perpetrated by some drunken white hockey fan, the fascists in power would get right on it.

    • Canadian Born

      You sure are right on that. According to Junior, the whites are the terrorists. God help Canada, because no one else can seem to do it

      • I’m sure liberals are breathing a sigh of relief that the shooting in Las Vegas eclipses what happened in Edmonton.

  • Old Guy

    What’s unstoppable?

    Those pathetic pusillanimous pussies in authority who totally and completely lack the necessary resolve to stop the carnage. That’s what is unstoppable.

    • occupant 9

      What isn’t “unstoppable” is the “Canadian” citizenry through criminalizing normal conversation about the danger of Muhammadism. That the gov’t can get right to work on.

      Laws are ONLY for the law-abiding.

  • Surele Surele
    • Tooth&Claw

      Islam is not a religion. It’s a supremacist ideology that encompasses law, economics, societal mores and arrangements, military, politics all combined with a thin veneer of ritual observances.

  • Clausewitz

    I’m sure Mayor Nenshi today is suffering from terrorist envy and wondering why it couldn’t have happened in Calgary in order to put all those white cowboys in their place.