Lorne Gunter: Politicians wrongly point fingers at us in terror attack

Both New Democrat Premier Rachel Notley and Mayor Don Iveson left the impression in their news conferences Sunday morning in the wake of Saturday’s terror attacks outside the Eskimos game at Commonwealth Stadium and in downtown Edmonton’s bar strip, that they were as worried about you and me as they were about a second radical Muslim attacker.

Multiple police sources confirm that the suspect in Saturday’s terror attacks, 30-year-old Abdulahi Hasan Sharif, a Somali refugee here in Canada, “acted alone” and was “self-radicalized.”

  • V10_Rob

    The only thing they worry about is islamophobic lynch mobs that never manifest.

    • Liberal Progressive

      It would be racist of us to criticize him in his normal expression of his religion.

      The most important thing for us right now is to apologize for any microaggressions or backlash we might be accused of in this time of concern by the Muslim community, police and our leaders.

  • ontario john

    And of course the CBC propaganda machine is busy this morning as expected. Stories of vote whore politicians at a rally last night warning about Islamophobia. Interviews with muslim women with bags over their heads. etc, etc.

  • marty_p

    Toronto Star and Crescent is in full “Islamophobia damage control” mode this morning:
    Muslims are wonderful and have contributed so much to Canada – it’s Islamic Heritage Month:

    Somali’s and Muslims fear backlash:

    Somali sues Canadian Govt for treatment as a refugee;

    Immigration key to Countering Low Birth Rate/Aging Population – we need to admit 450,000 per year says Conference Board of Canada
    pg 2 print edition

    • Liberal Progressive

      450,000 per year? That is racist to limit it to only that! Why with all the space there is in Canada we can take 4,500,000 a year if we only offer them additional incentives!

      • DVult

        Why not 45,000,000 or even better 450,000,000?

        • John Boy

          450,000,000? Why there are more Muslims than that in the world, all of whom would love to have a Canadian passport to make their travels around the world easier.

          Plus with Canada’s lack of immigration controls it is easy to start up in Canada under a whole new name and identity to launder your terrorist history.

          • DVult

            Sorry for being a cheapskate. I guess the correct answer is that we will take an infinite number of whoever wants to come here unless they are Christian, hard working or white of course.

      • John Boy

        They already get piles of “benefits” not available to poor and homeless Canadians.

        • Tooth&Claw

          or veterans.

    • Mass Immigration is a Ponzi scheme, there is no reason why we “need” the alleged economic growth gained by importing unskilled masses. Big Business wants cheap labour, the political class wants uneducated voters. That’s the end game.

      • Observer

        How can immigration help the economy when the vast majority end up living off of government benefits in government housing and many come with medical conditions that are a huge financial burden to our healthcare system already overburdened by recent immigrants and refugees?

        • Canadian Born

          Please tell that tour fucked up Prime Minister!

    • Canadian Born

      And how much will our mentally challenged PM write a cheque for to this asylum seeker? It will probably be another $10 million, right?

  • mauser 98
  • Linda1000

    I doubt if the police, our nuthead premier or the mayor of Edmonton have any clue about how, where, when the Somali terrorist was radicalized. I’d bet he did not act alone as the Somali “community” or whatever is too interconnected, more so than other distinct tribes. Usually there are no “lone wolves” in these attacks as we have seen over and over again in Europe and Britain.

    • Alain

      Hear! Hear!

  • chayisun

    This from that well known twit, Syed Soharwardy :

    “It’s important to condemn both terrorism and Islamophobia in the wake of violent overnight attacks in Edmonton, the founder of a Muslim group said Sunday. Imam Syed Soharwardy says both are forms of extremism”

    Notice, please, the inclusion of that usual phrase whenever a muslim commits an act or terror ” islamophobia”……Maybe, just maybe, if muslims would admit THEY have the problem, not the REST of the CIVILIZED world, things would get somewhat better.

    When the muslim world gets out of the 7TH century we shall see pigs fly.

  • tom_billesley

    “Extremism in all its forms, in all its settings, must be rooted out wherever it is seen.”

    By that I expect Rachel Notley means getting police to concentrate on monitoring the activities of anyone denying the value of M103.