Jagmeet Singh brings something new to the NDP

New? Hardly.

As the NDP was coming together between 1958 and 1961, it loosely existed as the New Party. Two candidates ran under the name in a pair of byelections in October 1960. Walter Pitman, victorious in Peterborough, Ont., became Parliament’s first and last New Party MP.

The following summer, at the party’s founding convention, the word “democratic” was inserted and the NDP was born.

There’s nothing “New” about a socialist vote whore who plays the race card at every opportunity. This is Trudeau in “Brown”.

  • ontario john

    Yes Canada’s favorite commie Naomi Klein and her buddies, we be dancing in the streets at their man getting in. No more pipelines, no resource development without whiny indian approval, and lots of global warming scams.

    • David Murrell

      A couple of years ago, Ezra Levant made the perceptive point that the core of NDP-left-wing politics no longer supports ordinary blue collar/pink collar working people. One would have to dig deeper into Mr. Singh’s politics, but reading the fawning CBC piece (posted) and the other establishment media’s take on his victory, it seems that he will carry identity politics forward. One would think that the NDP will continue to desert ordinary working people.

      • Marius K

        Baby boomer hippies got their New Age, superficially mystic yoga guru.

        • Will Quest

          Most be gloomy in the Ashton household , Niki loses federal leadership bid and her daddy loses the provincial bid ….

  • marty_p

    If I was interviewing the new leader of the NDP – my first question would be “What are you going to do to rid the anti-Semitism/anti-Israel bias from your party?”

    • David Murrell

      I agree with your point. But the Jew-hatred among Green party people is open and uncensored. The NDP is more genteel about it.

    • ontario john

      That would upset their United Church members.

      • Will Quest

        The UCC is the NDPee at prayer ……..

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    What % of a Sikh’s brain is filled with religious mythology? 30%? 75%?

    • P_F

      5% will be the correct answer, 95% of their brain is filled with religious fanaticism. Sikhs are as bigoted as muslims.
      Culturally & ideologically they’re not very different from muslims.
      That’s why all 13 sikh MPs has voted in favour of motion M-103.

  • BillyHW

    The racist protest against him was staged so that he could win the nomination.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    A commie is a commie regardless of their headgear and aversion to shaving.
    By the way, ask Mulcair how that beard helped him last time around.

    • DaninVan

      Hey: enough with the beard dissing! I’ve had one for 48 years and I’m not about to shave it off because of some jumped up fakir…
      It’s a long way from being a seatless party leader to even Leader of the Opposition, nevermind PM.
      If they find him a safe seat in the West, come election time his Eastern riding hopefuls will get trounced. No way are Que. or Ont. voters going to allow their cash train to get derailed.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        Hey DaninVan,
        I’m not dissing the beard.
        Just look at a picture of the G20 and tell me how many of them have more facial hair than Merkel.

        • DaninVan

          Not a fair comparison… 🙂
          (Not even going to check the legs!)
          ….ewwww. Need mind bleach; stat.

  • mauser 98

    Adam Vaughn interviewed at convention

    said the NDP is not progressive enough for him
    so he joined the Liberals

  • Mit Mitnagidman

    Mr. Singh appears to be an observant Sikh. How does he reconcile the Sikh restrictions on abortion with the mandatory pro-choice position of the NDP?

    • ontario john

      He’s a politician.

  • He’s a Sikh Trudeau.

  • Canadian Born

    I will not be voting NDP or Liberal I will be voting Conservative even though I don’t care for the candidate. As far as I am concerned Canada is screwed big time, unless a man with big balls steps up to save us.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      There aren’t any politicians with balls.

  • Clausewitz

    Just remember folks, as of this weekend, if you disagree with the NDP you obviously are a racist.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    Who cares: They’re still a scummy bunch still preaching,” gimmee something for nuthin’.