‘It is a huge sacrifice imposed on the man’: Muslim leader says men should be allowed a 2nd wife because it ‘liberates’ women from being spinsters

A Muslim leader says men have a social responsibility to take a second wife to liberate women from being spinsters.

Islamic Friendship Association of Australia founder Keysar Trad says women can benefit from joining a polyamorous relationship when there’s a shortage of eligible men.

‘If a woman is interested in him and if his wife is okay with that situation, then it becomes his duty towards society to do his bit,’ he told Daily Mail Australia on Monday.

This will be supported by the usual liberal-left suspects in Canada soon enough, all in the name of “diversity” of course.

  • Where are the feminists on this? Why aren’t they decrying this sort of thing as chauvinist nonsense?

    I’ll wait.

    • tom_billesley

      The view of a Swedish feminist.
      [google translate]
      The feminist artist and writer Ulla Lundegård can not understand why it is so outrageous that Muslim men bring more wives when they come to Sweden.
      “It may even be that they live a much more interesting life than many Swedish couples do after thirty years in the industry,” she writes in Expressen.
      Ulla Lundegård’s article is a comment to the upset stewards raised after it became clear that Nacka buys homes in Saltsjöbaden for 14 million tax crowns for a Muslim man with three wives.
      “Why do we place so much emphasis on the fact that this man has three wives? And why are you talking with disgust that the municipality has to get an apartment for all of these? You also have the right to live, right?” asks the 65-year-old feminist.
      Lundegård states that she would not like to be married to three men herself: “Three men and a friday. Hujedanimej, that would not be a single match!” writes the feminist.
      She states, however, that we must not let our “prejudices and established tradition-bound norms” stand in the way of how enriching it may actually be for a Muslim man to have a whole set of wives.


      • A Hamilton Guy

        This is just to cover off the “I’ve got a headache” days.

      • Yes, but that’s because she is a silly b!#ch.

    • Drunk by Noon ✓

      I used to ask that question all the time and have slowly realized that it’s unanswerable within the framework of feminism.
      Feminism, like all organs of leftism, is a made-up, wholly invented, 100% artificial construct designed to herd people into leftist action, even if they do not accept leftist thought.
      Replace feminism with the term “imaginary sun god” and the tenets of “feminism” with a “living document” that can mean whatever you want to say that it means to fit the particular situation.
      Anything that is less than a 100% agreement is met with the shaming language of “you hate women”. Replace “feminism” with “imaginary sun god” and the rebuke could just as easily be “you don’t believe in the sun?”.
      It’s all rhetorical device designed to herd you through the mechanism of shame!
      We need to develop a principle that says we can only be “shamed” by our own and not leftists of any strips that they themselves reject the entire concept as they live shameless lives.

      • k2

        Yes, I’m of a a somewhat similar mind on this and don’t really pay much attention to what feminists say anymore – at least third wave feminists. They will say and do whatever advances the leftist/post-modernist agenda, with the ultimate goal being the destruction (de-construction, in their weird terminology) of Western civilization and society.

        Of course, since they are using, or think they are using, islam as a tool to accomplish their goal, they will end up living in an islamic society. And my understanding is that the vast majority of women in them are miserable, and envious of Western women who still have some freedoms. So, effectively, these “feminists” are striving hard to create a society that will be especially awful for women. Go figure.

        • Will Quest

          I like to call ‘ third wave ‘ feminists ‘ third rail ‘ …. as in the deadly rail of a subway line …….

      • Modern Western feminists have never been interested in what works for humanity, only what works for them. Their egos are heavily dependent on ideologies they cannot defend rationally and successfully. Their demands are excessive and unfair. For them to address the matter of this post, they would have to admit that their failings, their contrarian blatherings, their demands are illogical and even cruel.

        Pride prevents them from doing this.

  • tom_billesley

    “a shortage of eligible men” – caused by slaughter of kuffar men of course.

    • Watchman

      Or the slaughter of the jihadists by the kuffar who don’t want to die at the hands of the jihadists.

      Christianity dealt with the biological fact that babies are born in roughly equal numbers of male and female by sanctifying the union of a single man and a single woman in marriage. In nature, some species have a dominant male being the only one that inseminates his harem of females, and other males have to fight this male to become the dominant male or to try to surreptitiously mate with an unprotected female. By the marriage of one man and one woman, human society achieved stability and allowed cooperation between both men with other men but also women with women. It is this ability to cooperate that made monogamy crucial for the success of Christian-based civilisation: hope that everyone can have a marriage partner without having to fight or kill to get one, the channelling of need to acquire assets to attract mates, and the ability to cooperate to get larger things done.

  • Martin B

    That’s Islam for you, always thinking about liberating women from spinsterhood.

    • Watchman

      Saving women from sexual abstinence, whether they wanted to or not.

    • tom_billesley

      Like Mohammed and Safia of the Banu Qurayza. A huge sacrifice he made after torturing and beheading her husband.

  • ontario john

    What about goats and small children. I’m sure the Toronto Star will consider this a feminist victory.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    They can liberate themselves from spinsterhood by marrying outside Islam and enjoy the companionship of a real man who would respect them (as long as he is not Anthony Weiner).

    • Watchman

      What woman would risk a summary death penalty for becoming an apostate by leaving islam? If not death, then the permanent shunning by her family, a factor often overlooked by western societies where we have weaker ties to family and wider circles of friends and associates.

  • DaninVan

    I’m utterly baffled; why would any sane guy want TWO wives???

    (OK; if you’ve got shitloads of money, maybe a mistress…)

  • Tooth&Claw

    Right, it’s a burden like owning two mules rather than one. Because ownership is what Islam is about in marriage. She’s property and so are her offspring.

  • Alain

    Are there any slut walks being organised?

  • David Murrell

    Keyser Trad is a middle-of-the-road Muslim, arguing for only two wives. Koranic teaching allows a man up to four wives. Thus our Canadian Supreme Court, one day, will legalize polygamy.