ISIS Persists in Vegas Claim, Dubs Shooter ‘Abu Abdul Bar al-Amriki’

After federal officials announced today that they saw no nexus to international terrorism in the Las Vegas Strip massacre, the Islamic State doubled down with their claim that Stephen Paddock was theirs — even granting the Mesquite, Nev., resident a nom de guerre.

ISIS claimed through their Amaq news agency this morning that the “Las Vegas attacker is a soldier of the Islamic State who carried out the attack in response to calls for targeting coalition countries.” They claimed he had converted to Islam recently.

They issued the claim in various languages, without evidence to back it up.

The special agent in charge of the FBI’s field office in Las Vegas, Aaron Rouse, told reporters, “We have determined, to this point, no connection to an international terrorist group.”

  • moraywatson

    Does the ‘determination of no connection to an international terrorist group at this point’ include the point where it was determined that a terrorist group claimed responsibility? Twice.

    • Drunk by Noon ✓

      Yeah, this is a strange development.

    • Alain

      The fact that he had a Muslim girlfriend or accomplsh lends more credibility to their claim than the other claims. If true law enforcement, in particular the FBI will do everything possible to bury it.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The ISIS psychos feel left out. As Jimmy Durante used to say, “Everybody wants to get into the act.”

  • ontario john

    Muslims lie? No way!!!!!

  • Hard Little Machine

    Gotta love their marketing

  • canminuteman

    It’s possible that he is a convert behaving like a good muslim, but I doubt it. The thing that I find strange is that he was “acting alone”, but they found ten guns in his room. Why would be need ten guns if he was acting alone? I can see two, maybe, but if I was going to go on a killing spree I would take my one favourite rifle, and maybe a handgun and leave it at that. You’re better of with more ammo and only one gun.

    • Alain

      The Muslim woman with him is a vital bit of information that is being swept under the rug. As far being convert, again do not forget that it requires no formal ceremony, just reciting as our PM did the requires short verse, which he could have done.

  • Frances

    Wasn’t Antifa also claming him as one of theirs?

    • Alain

      With the colusion of Antifa with Muslims, that does not mean much.

  • Oracle9

    No connection to terrorism, concluded after less than 24 hours.

    Meanwhile the Russian connection a year after the election is still believed, despite NO evidence.

    Something stinks here.

  • DMB
  • WalterBannon

    The special agent in charge of the FBI’s field office in Las Vegas, Aaron Rouse, told reporters, “We have determined, to this point, Hillary did not have secret emails unsecured and shared on a non-govt email platform.”

    like the FBI has any credibility

  • Hard Little Machine

    Klaatu Barada Nigga Please

  • Bataviawillem

    I secretly hope it’s true, because it will shut up the gun control lobby in a heartbeat, like after the fort Hood shooting and the gay nightclub shooting, zero anti gun noise.