Canada Cops: Don’t Jump to Conclusions About Somali Muslim Refugee Terrorist

He was a Somali Muslim refugee with an ISIS flag in his car who carried out an attack exactly like those of other Muslim terrorists. Also he had been investigated in the past. But let’s not jump to any fully accurate conclusions.

  • Tooth&Claw

    They can kiss my butt. I am a free person, I can think for myself and evaluate what has been released about this individual and I still have a brain. My conclusion; another foot soldier for Mohammad.

  • Waffle

    Ever since Sergeant Preston ran off with Rosemarie, the force has never recovered. Looks like we’re stuck with Clouseau.

  • terrence22

    One of my great, great, great, great uncles was an officer back when it was known the North West Mounted Police (The North-West Mounted Police was a Canadian police force, established in 1873 by the Prime Minister, Sir John Macdonald, to maintain order in the North-West Territories.)

    I have been quietly proud of his service; but, I am embarrassed by the current RCMP and how it is runs and how it is lead – really should be MIS-lead. I am sure my uncle is rolling over in his grave.

    • Tooth&Claw

      Your uncle was a different species of man from the ones out there now. Times change. Pity the underpinning of our civilization has been undermined.

      • terrence22

        And TrueDOPE is doing his best to undermine what is left of what is now, best called, CanaDUH.

  • This coming from a government that has NEVER been serious about combatting terrorism.

  • Jay Currie

    What conclusions could I possibly jump to? That this has something to do with Islam? That our refugee policy is letting in rather loathsome people?

    Oh my…bad thoughts…I await the knock of the Horseman.

    • Liberal Progressive

      But we have to have a government policy of letting in almost exclusively Muslim refugees or Canada will be called Islamophobic and racist.

  • Lightstream

    In Canada you find this stupidity. He was investigated for extremism and they haven’t concluded it was a terrorist attack???!!!!
    They must think we’re all retarded. This of course is PC at work again. Totally sick of it!

  • chayisun

    This needs further investigation. How do we know if this Somali refugee was, in fact, a Somali refugee? He could have been a refugee from Ireland. After all, isn’t it racist to assume he was from Somalia? Oh sure, Office Dudley Do Right, in his report, stated that it APPEARED that this fellow was from Somalia but could have been from Pittsburgh. Until the facts are know, don’t jump to conclusions. As for the flag in the truck he rented……By the way, did he RENT the truck or was he just an innocent person moving furniture???…..Where was I???…..Oh yea, the flag…..Someone SAID it was an isis flag BUT it could have been a bit of black cloth bearing soap marking.

    I think we should let the police do there job. After all it’s not like they had ANY idea that this person might, or could, commit any sort of crime……AND it’s reported that Trudeau is in the process of cutting another cheque. Just in case……

  • Observer

    We must not criticize nor question our new overlords…