British Professor Shows “Sex Change Regret” is Rising, University Takes Away His Funding

The Telegraph U.K. reports that Bath Spa University initially approved a professor’s research grant to study “de-transitioning” transgendered individuals, but revoked the money after surprising early results in the study were deemed “politically incorrect” by the ethics committee.

“De-transitioning” is the term used to describe the process in which individuals operationally change their sex choice back to their biological sex after regretting a transgender reassignment surgery.

  • I think that this particular form of mental illness can go no further.

    • Frances

      Unfortunately, it will for some time, and the confused kids who are pushed to transition to their “real” gender will be the victims. Unlike those poor people who were the victims of therapists who believed in the “recovery memory syndrome”, the victims of this latest fad will have permanent physical effects, including sterility.

      • What I meant was that even this nonsense is too extreme for any sane person to tolerate.

        • Frances

          But how many of us “sane” types are out there? The insanity will continue, and the insane will keep trying to force us to conform to their insanity.

          • I’m getting the sense that most people have had enough of this. This is the proverbial last straw.

  • The Buddhist Butterfly

    No way in hell I’m going back to Old Mohammed’s Farm as a goat.

  • Blacksmith

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I love it when karma rams it up the leftist asses, THAT one didn’t follow the agenda did it. Gotta shut it down!

  • Bla Bla

    As long as the price of the reassignment is covered by the individual – I don’t care… We shouldn’t be paying for this crap anyways, our system is in shambles enough as it is.

    • Frances

      Why should we pay any costs involving hormonal drug treatment and surgery for the gender-confused? Psychiatric care – possible, depending on the treatment.

      • Bla Bla

        Exactly – you want to be something else other than your naturally born gender, it becomes cosmetic and the costs should be borne by the individual.

  • Alain

    If an adult does this on his or her own dime, I say let them be. However, the indoctrination of children in order to convince them they are the wrong sex should be a criminal offence. Children, especially during the teen years, go through all kind of phases until they mature. Still before the normalisation of this mental illness, believing you were born of the wrong sex was almost unheard of. Convincing a non adult that this is reality and not a phase which results in being ruined for life is nothing but evil.