Billionaires know best in Trudeau’s world

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who backtracked on electoral reform and parliamentary transparency, has finally got his back up over shutting down loopholes on small business owners.

Despite the fury local MPs have received this summer, and harsh words from business owners decrying being labelled as “cheats,” the Liberals are steadfast in refusing to alter their plans.

Those “tax cheats” who employ their relatives to clean their offices? Shame, shame, shame.

A bit of advice to these business owners? The only ones who have the ear of the Liberal government are billionaires. Stop trying to be heard.

  • Cat-astrophe

    “Billionaires know……”
    Ever wonder what they were discussing at all those Davos, Bilderberg, Rio meetings….they were plotting a direction, an Agenda (21/30) for the destruction of western civilization, a civilization that made them who they are, but of which they now realize they no longer need and now hate more than anything….anything….

  • ontario john

    Oh well, its turning cold so he will soon be heading for that private island of his billionaire muslim buddy. I wonder how much tax payer money the little weasel gave to his shady buddy’s foundation this year?

  • When are Morneau and Trudeau going to tax their personal accounts as they would for those “big fish” farmers and waitresses?