What is Behind the Refusal to Stand for the Anthem?

The debate about whether football players should stand for the national anthem moved to the center of the national conversation last month. On Sunday, September 24, scores of National Football League players, knelt, sat or stayed in the locker room while the Star-Spangled Banner was played. What used to be a rote exercise that began all sports events suddenly became seen as an indicator of sympathy for the Black Lives Matter movement or antipathy for President Donald J. Trump.

The most telling moment in the controversy, however, may have come a day later, when one NFL player felt compelled to apologize. The contrarian was not one of those allegedly protesting the nation’s perceived shortcomings. It was, instead, a player who stood at attention and with his hand over his heart while the anthem was played.

  • Alain

    Someone needs to point that refusing to respect the national anthem has nothing to do with the president; it is nothing more than crapping on their own country. Yes, the very country that allows them to pursue football while earning a lot more than the average working American, that allows them freedom far beyond what they would find elsewhere and does not simply shoot them where they kneel.

    • Millie_Woods

      Most of these guys couldn’t recite the 4X table let alone follow your trail of logic.

  • DMB
  • Hard Little Machine

    Insufferable self entitlement
    Vapid incoherence

  • terrence22

    “WHAT IS BEHIND THE REFUSAL TO STAND FOR THE ANTHEM?” Well, most if not all, of football players have damaged brains (the helmets help, but do not prevent it). They simply have smaller than normal brains.

    It is very, VERY racist to point out, but on average, blacks have much lower IQ’s than whites and Asians.

    Combine these two and you get the NFL “kneelers’, who seem to be oblivious to the fact that they are destroying the NFL – attendance is way, way down since they started to “kneel”.

    • Gary

      islam was behind the slave trade and it would make more sense if Colon CopperNeck stepped on a quran or protested outside a Mosque.

      Toxic islam is spreading and it spread faster in canada because of our POS moron PM who had a father that supported the nazi in the 1930’s and now he’s supporting the islamofascists .
      Justin’s illegals from the USA just cost us $500,000,000.00 so far and there are still 7,000,000,000 more people outside Canada that Justin invited.

      We have no idea about who these people are and Justin doesn’t seem to care because Maryam Monsef LIED to get her Citizenship and is still an MP while he also has that Pakistani MP that wants sharia in canada and will have the help of the Sikh NDP leader that supports the Jew-hating BDS fascists on top of defending Pro-hamas groups in Canada.
      Justin belongs in a cage to have bad fruit a bad tomato right in the face.


  • Gary

    These blacks player don’t realize that they are just 1 Knee away from being a muslim and facing Mekkah . Colon CopperNeck became radical when he got tied up with his Muslim Brotherhood pro-hamas immigrant girlfriend and her Jew-hating pro-sharia family , which is why I think this is a ruse to trick blacks into being 50% muslim and only one more knee will seal it.

  • barryjr

    Idiots. Kapernick fooled all these Densa candidates. It’s all about an overhyped QB being owned in the playoffs and not living up to the hype. Then his team fizzled the next year and suddenly he found himself #3 on the depth charts for a 4th rate team. Being a whiny little bitch he opted out of his multi million dollar contract and played the victim card. Fact is he fooled all these brain damaged overpaid fools into believing that this kneeling bullshit is something more than a narcissist trying to get the spotlight turned back on him.