Three in four British jihadists have had links to “non-violent” Islamist groups before committing terror attacks

Three in four jihadists in Britain have links to non-violent Islamist groups before they go on to join terror groups, a new report has revealed.

Researchers looked at the lives of 113 men and women who had joined jihadist groups from the 1980s onwards.

…In contrast, only four per cent of men in our sample had an online element noted in their radicalisation.’

Of the sample studied, 58 per cent of men spent time in prison and most had been jailed for jihadist crimes.

Seven served time in young offender institutions while at least four were radicalised while in prison.

‘Many are well-educated,’ the report said. ‘Thirty-one per cent started a degree, and over half of these studied Stemm [Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths and Medicine] subjects.’

  • I can the British are serious about stopping terrorism.

  • John Boy

    They are called mosques.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    Muzz gonna muzz. Give them all the boot.

  • ntt1

    Non violent islamic groups is an oxymoron, like progressive conservative

  • tom_billesley

    You mean the media are telling lies about jihadis being self-radicalized lone wolves, socially isolated, unknown at their local mosque and concealing their feelings from friends and family? I’m shocked.

    • DavidinNorthBurnaby

      Yes, I’m still reeling./sarc

  • Gary

    I stumble on youtube videos from Hyde Park and the Speakers Corner. Almost every video posted by a muslim that thought they won a debate with an atheist or Christian actually exposes them as village idiots with a short attention span where the person debating them realized that muslims was mentally ill or just stupid.

    There’s a pattern where a person is speaking about their non-islamic faith and then along comes 3-4 muslims to ask stupid questions and giggle as to not let the person answer.
    Then … these knuckle dragging wife-beaters keep repeating that that ” You didn’t answer my question because you’re avoid it because you bible is corrupted” .
    It doesn’t matter the age because the Mosque poisons their brain and it can’t take in any more new information since allah tell them that the quran is all they need to know. About 90% of these idiots don’t know the the word Bible means BOOK and that Christians didn’t exist before Christ.
    One older muslim had mock the Old testament for its mistakes and missing verses where the quran is perfect….but during a debate by a christian that cited the quran…. muslims in the crowd began to argue and yell at each other over what version if correct and while Arabic is the true version.
    One muslim agreed to debate a Christian and said they would get equal time and we will stay quiet until their turns…….but that lasted just 2 minutes because the muslim didn’t like what was being said and they wouldn’t shut from over 15 minutes. When a person doesn’t listen they don’t learn , these means that I could go back to Speakers Corner in 20 years to find those muslims just as stupid as they are now .
    I don’t care if they kill each other…..I just don’t want to be on the bus when they go Jihad to kill 3 muslims but kill 20 non-muslims to do it.

    It now makes sense for how the Imams can find lots of young males to strap on bombs and die for allahs peace by murdering non-muslims or other muslims from the wrong sect.