Theodore Dalrymple: A prophecy of Joseph Stalin?

From retired prison psychiatrist Theodore Dalrymple, not the most easily conned person, at New English Review:

This was the fate of Leonid Andreyev (1871–1919), a Russian writer of the Silver Age of Russian literature and photographer. He died in exile in Finland only two years after the Bolshevik coup d’état, having seen with prophetic clarity where Bolshevism would lead. He saw it even before the October coup: in September, 1917, he wrote a short text, Veni creator!, which I happened upon recently, in which he foretold the dreadful future that was to befall Russia, with Lenin as its demonic demiurge.

This was all written, one has to remind oneself, before Lenin had done very much. Somehow Andreyev had seen into the very essence of the man, none better or more clearly, even a hundred years later.

In one of the most remarkable passages I have ever read, Andreyev asks (and one must remind oneself that he was writing in September, 1917, before the Bolsheviks seized power):

Who, then, comes after you? Who is this creature so terrible that even your face of smoke and flames turns pale? The shadows darken, and in them I hear a voice: “He who comes after me is stronger than me. He will baptise you with fire, he will take the grain from the granaries, he will burn the straw with an inextinguishable fire. He who comes after me is stronger than me.” He will be thin and vicious—‘this Tsar-famine.’

There may somewhere be secular prophetic writing stronger than this, but if so I do not know it. More.

Reality check: Was it a supernatural prophecy? Or would we all see more clearly where progressivism must always lead, divorced as it is from nature and reality, if we could just get through the thick fog created by media enablers, then and now.

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