The killing in Har Adar, the Kurds and the Israelis

How interesting to see how the world treats the PA’s bid for a state and the Kurdish struggle

It is a a type of hypnosis: killing Israelis, whatever it costs. The terrorist who struck the Jewish community of Har Adar, murdering 3 soldiers and security personnel, had a work permit, a privilege for Palestinian Authority residents (to get one of these you need to have no terrorist connections, not even a cousin involved in terrorism). But that hypnosis is stronger than the need to work.

  • Alain

    The Kurds are a distinct people, with their own culture, not an invented people like the so-called “Palestinians”.

  • Alain

    The very creation of this non existent people along with all the support given to them is solely motivated by pure hatred of the Jews. Nothing else can explain what should never have gained any traction.