Saudi Arabia to open 1st female-only driver school after historic royal decree

Less than a week after Saudi Arabia’s King Salman issued a royal decree allowing women to drive, a university in the gulf state is set to open a driving school for the kingdom’s newly liberated motorists.

The Princess Nourah University, an all-female college in the capital Riyadh, announced its plans for the new driving course on Saturday – the first in the country.

  • David Murrell

    Breaking: Jagmeet Singh has just won the NDP nomination. Becha he’ll get a lot of fave reviews by the media cartel.

    • DMB

      I can’t wait for the left to eat their own when Justin Trudeau a white male gets called a “racist” for criticizing a visible minority like Singh. lol

  • Presumably they will have to ask permission of their owners before actually taking the wheel.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      From what I’ve seen around this town, they’re to lazy to drive themselves so it’s better to train the women.