Salman Rushdie on censorship at India Today

A free-expression friend writes to say: Earlier this year, Salman Rushdie appeared at a forum in New Delhi, India. He took questions from the audience, speaking at length about free expression and censorship:

Adding a quotable quote: “My view about writing is very simple. You either do it or you don’t. And if you do it, don’t be scared. I think self-censorship is a worse crime than bad writing. And bad writing isn’t the writer’s fault; they’re just not good writers. But self-censorship is the writer’s fault.” –
Salman Rushdie, quoted by Marsha Lederman, “Superstar Author Salman Rushdie Is Just Like the Rest of Us” (2015)

Reality check: At a time when various parties are hollering that “the debate is over,” no issue is more important than the continuance of free expression.

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