Pro- and anti- immigration protesters face off in duelling rallies

Members of the right-wing group Storm Alliance announced a series of rallies outside border crossing points and government buildings to protest what they call the destructive policies of Justin Trudeau’s government.

In turn, many pro-refugee organizations have announced their own gatherings to counter Storm Alliance’s message, which they say is hostile to immigrants and refugees.

  • ontario john

    The only violence at both demonstrations, was from so called anti-fascists. But as that Canadian university instructor stated, thats ok.

    • reidjr

      Still there not a hate group according to the Cbc there good people fighting for justice.

  • irishrus

    Don’t know for sure but I think these is one of the groups 680 news was calling ‘white supremacists’ in Peterborough and that they canceled out when a counter protest group showed up