Librarian Who Rejected Melania Trump’s ‘Racist’ Dr. Seuss Books Celebrated Seuss’s Birthday In Costume

A Massachusetts librarian has rejected books sent to her school’s library by First Lady Melania Trump, claiming that the books, authored by Dr. Seuss, were racist.

  • robins111

    Must really suck for her. Getting her 5 minutes of fame being a hypocritical cnut.

  • simus1

    Sort of unfair comparing the behaviors of only two of her no doubt many and diverse personalities against each other and then not letting each of them tell their heartbreaking victimhood experiences from the other’s constant abuse.

  • Martin B

    Not a peep out of the Social Justice Stalinists when Mooch was handing out Dr Seuss books to kids:

    • bargogx1

      Her magical leftist touch made them non-racist and un-cliched, plus never underestimate the power of the Left’s most cherished belief – “It’s ok when we do it”.

    • Watchman

      Maybe they hadn’t found the racist prototypes of the beloved book characters at the time Mooch was handing out the Dr Suess books:

      Sarcasm aside, I believe that SJWs are attempting to use Theodor Seuss Geisel’s caricatures from his work during the Second World War against him right now. They are attempting to say that his drawings of Japanese show him to be irrevocably racist and forever tainted and any of his works must be never seen again. If you want examples just use Google Images and search for “Dr Seuss wartime propaganda”.

      By these standards every Disney film, book, or amusement park is also irrevocably racist and must be condemned and boycotted for their wartime propaganda, as well as their racial stereotypes in cartoons since then.

  • Maurice Miner

    It’s not that it is raaaacist as such, but Islamophobic.

    “I like Green Eggs and Ham, I do! I like them Sam I am!”

    Note carefully it refers to Ham (which of course is Haram), and “Sam” is reference to Prophet Samuel (pbuh) in Qu’ran 2:246 et seq.

    “Samuel” means “Allah has Heard”

    So it is clear that forcing Sam to consume and “like” Ham is expressly a macro-aggression of Islamophobia.

  • roccolore

    Then when the heat got to her, she deleted her Twitter account.

  • BillyHW

    If you think women should be allowed to vote you are ridiculous.

    • Frances

      Maybe the “women” you know, Billy; the real women in our family and friends are strong, hard-working, and fully appreciated by their men – said appreciation goes both ways.

      • BillyHW
        • Frances

          If that’s where you find your women, no wonder you have problems.

          • BillyHW

            It’s our countries that have problems because women vote.

          • Frances

            Haven’t heard that women vote in Islam-majority states, unless accompanied by their men. But I guess you figure those states have no problems.

          • BillyHW

            Frances, are there no sandwiches you could be making…cookies you could be baking?

          • Frances

            Billy – what a sexist reply. I could – but I’m not.

          • BillyHW

            Sexist is the ratio of male to female deaths at the bottom of coal mines. I’d explain infinity to you, but I don’t want your pretty little head to explode. Certainly not before that sandwich gets made.

          • Frances

            You’re talking to a woman who once worked underground.

          • BillyHW

            Well then say hi to Rosie for me.

          • Frances

            Rosie the Riveter never worked underground.

          • BillyHW

            But I’m sure she could do it if she wanted to.

    • shasta

      It is getting harder to disagree, but I still think that universal suffrage is the real problem.

  • ECM

    Is there a single issue upon which liberals are not hypocrites? It seems, with sufficient time, *any* and *every* thing is subject to revision, and sometimes in the same breath!

  • seaoh