Jeremy Corbyn-backed group’s activists ‘hounded’ Jewish business owner

A Jewish businessman is being hounded for selling Israeli goods by protesters with links to an organisation backed by Jeremy Corbyn.

A Palestine Solidarity Campaign activist has been found guilty of racially abusing Nisan Ayalon, who runs stalls selling Israeli cosmetics.

Ally Coutts, 57, is a prominent member of the Scottish branch of a group that has staged a series of protests against Mr Ayalon’s company Jericho SkinCare, which utilises Dead Sea minerals.

This is the future of Canada’s Liberal Party.

  • Typical liberal bigot.

    So what’s new.

  • DMB

    Jeremy Corybn backed groups hounded Jewish business owners. Sounds awfully familiar!

    • UCSPanther

      BDS: Proudly carrying on the legacy of the SA!

  • Reader

    In spite of it being an old song, I always wondered why the favourite song of the Young Liberals was

  • Hard Little Machine

    There will be pogroms in Britain soon

  • Dave

    As the old saying goes “Some people are alive ONLY because its against the law to kill them.” Pity.

  • Felix_Culpa

    There is indeed some anti-Jewish feelings amongst a certain segment of the right wing. But it is DWARFED by the anti-Jewish feelings amongst the MAJORITY of the left wing. The utterly un-self-aware leftists will bleat about anti-semitism on the right in one breath and denouce all Jews in the next.