Jagmeet Singh, NDP Leadership Candidate, Says He’s Ready To Lead

Singh has suggested that if elected leader, he might spend the next two years building the party’s presence across the country — much as Jack Layton did after winning the NDP race in 2003 — rather than run in a byelection.

He has also been coy about committing to run for his Brampton, Ont. provincial seat federally. That riding is currently held by Liberal Raj Grewal, another charismatic young Sikh — leaving open the possibility of running in Toronto where an NDP win may be more likely.

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    What are his odds of success?

    • shasta

      For the leadership? who knows. But if he wins and then does poorly in the election you can be sure that it will be blamed on racism. And God help us if the NDP ever form a national government.

  • Lightstream

    Won’t be voting NDP for sure. Wouldn’t vote NDP anyway.

    • shasta

      The only hope any one has of getting my vote in any future election is if they are a very superior local candidate, and they cannot run for the Liberals or the NDP.

  • Brett McS

    Andrew Klavan’s comment on the media’s attempt to turn the Puerto Rico hurricane into “Trump’s Katrina” was to play this video:


  • ontario john

    Yes, ever since everyone’s favorite commie Naomi Klein and her buddies forced out Mulcair, all the candidates have been preaching shutting down pipelines and no resource development without the permission of whiny indians.

  • mobuyus

    Nice picture of those who would hand Canada away to the most brutal of takers.

  • Bernie

    Anytime NDP form a government, that government goes straight down the toilet.

  • clearsky

    God please, let them elect Nikki Ashton. This country needs some entertainment.

  • glasnost

    I’m hoping for the NDP to pick-off many seats, particularly Liberal seats in Quebec. Let’s face it, that’s the only way we’ll see another conservative government.

    • Alain

      I disagree about needing Quebec to win, since Harper proved that the CPC could win without Quebec.