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PREDICTABLE: Liberals Seek To Frame Puerto Rico As Trump’s Katrina

From the moment Hurricane Maria smashed through Puerto Rico, ripping off roofs and crushing the island’s electrical grid, President Trump activated all avenues of response by the U.S. government. The military and throngs of first responders rushed in and tons of water and food were sent to the U.S. territory.

But also since that first moment, Democrats and whiny liberals have been trying to denigrate Trump’s efforts, with one goal in mind — paint Puerto Rico as Trump’s Katrina.

Redneck Revolt: Leftist Militia To Counter “White Supremacists”

This corner of the resistance is a faction of a faction. The Smiths, Lawyer and most of the other shooters at this session at Whistling Pines Gun Club are members of the Colorado Springs chapter of the Colorado Action Network that goes by the more manageable acronym, COS CAN. It’s a group styled after the Indivisible project, which acts as a guide to resisting the Republican agenda by mobilizing a nationwide network of progressives to dog their elected representatives.

Russia develops Iron Man-style armored suit

“The Ratnik kit comprises five integrated systems that include life support, command and communication, engaging, protection and energy saving subsystems. It is designed to be used round-the-clock in all weather conditions. The Ratnik comprises a total of 59 items including various bulletproof vests and protective helmets, a combat one-piece garment, a headset with active protection, protective glasses, a grenade launcher, assault rifles, sniper rifles, munition, a combat knife, round-the-clock reconnaissance devices and unified optical and thermal imaging sights,” wrote TASS.

Activism Is Lucrative: Bill Nye And Shaun King Receive Five-Figure Paychecks For Speeches

Being a progressive activist is a lucrative career. For activists like Black Lives Matter figurehead Shaun King and Bill Nye “The Science Guy,” the speaking circuit offers five figure fees for each event they sign onto.

The Northern Light (via The College Fix), the student newspaper for the University of Alaska-Anchorage, used public records requests to discover just how much their university was paying these leftist figureheads to show up to speak on campus.

What they found out alarmed them.

Far-right, anti-fascist protesters temporarily shut Quebec border crossing

A standoff between far-right groups and anti-fascist protesters along the Canadian side of the U.S. border forced police to temporarily shut down the crossing near St-Bernard-de-Lacolle, Que., on Saturday.

A separate anti-illegal immigrant rally on Parliament Hill, held amid heightened concerns about the arrival of asylum seekers, also provoked a handful of skirmishes, as riot police stepped in to prevent physical violence.