‘We stand for the Pledge,’ teacher tells 6-year-old who took a knee in class

The boy’s teacher at Wiregrass Elementary School in Pasco County told him to stand and show respect for the flag. His mother says the school should not have publicly reprimanded him.

  • ontario john

    The teacher is obviously a Nazi, influenced by Russians and global warming.

    • David Murrell

      One can expect Ms. McDowell’s teaching career will take a quick downturn.

      • His parents had to brainwash him into his knee stunt.

        Imagine what could happen if his parents had brainwashed him into believing he was a math genius.

        • DaninVan

          Amen to that, Bob!
          Like the kid could actually understand what he was protesting.

          (You remember what you were like at 6 yo? I can’t.)

  • Old Guy

    Hey, maybe the teacher just wanted to use the opportunity to teach the students a little history. Former radio host Paul Harvey did this piece a while ago.

    Star Spangled Banner As You’ve Never Heard It

  • k2

    Publicly reprimanding him WAS the correct thing to do: it strengthens the lesson that she was trying to teach him, as well as being instructive to the other students.

    • Lightstream

      I agree. The teacher was correct reprimanding him in front of his classmates. The parents deserve an arse-kicking. Several in fact.

  • Mark Matis

    Another chimp being raised. By another sheboon. Quelle surprise!

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    The kid is learning black entitlement.

    He can do anything he wants beacause… SLAVERY!
    You can’t say a word to him about his behavior because… RACISM!
    He is owed because he’s black.
    You owe him because you are NOT black, but if you are white, you owe him even more.

  • Barrington Minge

    Oh dear. The Americans have really got a stump up their collective arse over this flag business. Here in the UK, we just quietly respect the Flag, the Queen and the Country without making a song and dance about it.