The West is delusional about de-radicalising jihadists

In an interview with a French newspaper at the weekend the German feminist and journalist, Alice Schwarzer, explained that Angela Merkel’s greatest mistake was that ‘even before the migrant crisis she had not understood the difference between Islam and Islamism, between the religion and the political ideology’. Schwarzer blamed Merkel’s failure to grasp the crucial difference on the fact she’s the daughter of a pastor, who preached tolerance and kindness. The same criticism can be levelled at Theresa May, whose father was a vicar, and no doubt delivered sermons on similar themes. The PM, like the German Chancellor, seems to believe that in the end the Islamists will come round to our way of thinking and embrace our set of values.

  • Reader

    Angela Merkel’s father was a socialist Lutheran minister with close ties to the communist East German government.

  • moraywatson

    How do you de-totalitarianize a muslim? How do you get a fish to live out of water?

  • Lightstream

    You can’t de-radicalize a medieval nutcase.

  • Alain

    It is far worse than that; the West is delusional about Islam, full stop.